Uses for Recycled Plastic Juice Bottles

Small plastic bottles are as much an investment as the juice it contained. This article discusses ways to get your money’s worth by reusing small plastic juice bottles.

Before you throw out that small plastic juice bottle, take a few seconds to think. You spent good money on the juice and the bottle. Why throw out this small investment once the juice is gone? The bottle could be reused as a water bottle, to carry tea or a sports drink. Honey and lemon in green tea is a great healthy alternative to sugary, expensive sports drinks, and your plastic juice bottle is there for you to carry your own blend.

For you parents, have your children paint and decorate plastic juice bottles to become unique and unbreakable flower vases, pencil holders, salt and pepper shakers, or air fresheners. Pour a little potpourri oil into the bottle. Add 6 to 8 potpourri sticks found at craft and major discount stores, and voila! That juice bottle you nearly threw out is now scenting your home.

Use the juice bottle to store dried ground herbs, loose tea, coffee grounds, cooking sauces, or even your homemade fruit or vegetable juice.  The kids can take your healthy juice to school instead of sugary drinks in a box that would end up in a school trashcan instead of being recycled.

Poke holes in the bottom of the juice bottle and then hook it onto the end of your garden hose. You have an instant spray hose!

Use the bottle to store seeds from your garden for planting next year. If you do, first make sure the bottle is completely dry inside and airtight or you could wind up with moldy seeds.

Another use for the small juice bottle is storing your favorite shampoos and soaps for when you travel. Just pour in the shampoo or soap, twist the bottle cap, and off you go. 

You can also store household cleaners in the bottle, preferably all-natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, or plant-based cleaners. They work as well as the chemical cleaners, are a lot cheaper, and are safer for you, your family, and the environment.

You could cut the lower half of the bottle off, poke a few holes in the bottom, and then use it as a pot for seedlings or cuttings. Be sure to use the upper half as a greenhouse for the seedlings. Simply place the upper half over the plastic “pot” and leave off the cap to allow in air. Not only do you recycle the bottle, but you also save water because the greenhouse will prevent the soil from drying out as quickly.

For those of you who travel with a small dog, try storing your dog’s dry kibble in the orange juice bottle.  Carrying a bottle of kibble is easier than lugging around a heavy bag or plastic box. 

Do not forget Fido will need water during the trip. Bring water in the juice bottle just for him! You might try adding chamomile tea to the water before your trip. Chamomile tea’s famous soothing qualities will help keep your dog calm while traveling. Chamomile tea helps with sleep and upset stomachs, especially in babies. The tea has a light flowery taste. Consult your vet about using chamomile tea before you give any to your dog, though, just to be safe.

You paid good money for that juice bottle. Make it earn its keep!

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