Uses for Concrete Canvas or Concrete Cloth

This is the answer to so many expensive repairs and it is cheap!

I just heard of this Concrete Canvas or Concrete Cloth, yesterday.

Lightweight, flexible and extremely durable. Put it where you want it, shape it as you want, then wet it down. 24 hours later it is set up and ready to use.

The British military are using it for emergency shelters and for reinforcing walls.

The civilian uses are unlimited.

#1 You could build a dirt fence, lay this cloth over it, stake it in place, wet it down, let it cure and have a lifetime fence.

No rotting wood posts, no rusted of metal posts, no sagging and rusted wire.

#2 You could lay this cloth on a trailer house roof, fasten the edges to the sides of the trailer, wet it down and 24 hours later have a lifetime roof.

Note: This stuff can be cut to fit angles or curves.

#3 You could lay this Concrete Cloth over any roof, peaked, flat or curved, fasten the edges, wet it down and 24 hours later have a lifetime roof.

Note: This stuff is cheap!

#4 You could form the cloth, wet it, manipulate it, for an hour or so, and have furniture.

#5 You could lay this cloth over stout wire fencing, domed over four uprights, wet it and in 24 hours have a lifetime roofed outdoor area.

#6 Need a cement floor, less than 500lbs per square foot contact weight? Lay this cloth out, stake the edges down, wet it and in 24 hours…there you go!

#7 Want a Stucco Wall? No Problem!

The uses are endless.

Sure we need to retire a lot of those town, city, county, state and federal building code enforcers.

But hey, we need to do that anyway!

These slow thinking, backwards looking, graft taking people will try to stand in our way.

There is just one problem with all of this…

Where can we buy it !!

Search the Internet for Concrete Canvas or Concrete Cloth and watch the videos. The more of us screaming for it, the faster we can get it.

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  1. Ya this cool stuff and has many applications for the bulding industry. I hope to see this here next year.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I want it next week! If they can’t produce enough to meet demand open another factory or twenty factories. The market is here and will be ever increasing!

  3. Where is this sold? I can not find it.

  4. The Concrete Cloth can be purchased through Nuna Innovations, a Canadian company based in Vancouver.
    Contact Ron Drewry for any inquiries at

  5. Hello i would to get specs and applications for the canvas

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