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If you plan to build or remodel, there are ways to save money and still have the best. Salvage Yards have almost everything you require for building and Thrift stores have the rest. When buying second hand you are saving the earth and your money. Builders, hotels, and cooperation’s all donate their overstock and used furniture to Thrift stores. If you have never visited any of these places you are in for a surprise.

You can build or remodel your home without paying an arm and a leg. Salvage yards stock second hand building materials, such as overstocked lumber, windows, doors, roofing and fixtures, Anything it takes to put up a building, you can find it. Prices will be anything from 25 to 75 percent off. And the satisfaction with building with Salvage yard materials is that it is environmentally friendly. It was saved from the trash pile and put to good use, while saving a bundle of money.

Salvation Army and Thrift stores are the best places to shop for house furnishings. It saves your money and keeps these useful items out of the trash. Nothing is more practical or beautiful than used refurbished furniture. Another interesting thing is that old furniture is stronger and much better made than new. You can prove it to yourself.

Go into a furniture store and check out the merchandise. Note the wood and how the piece is put together. Especially note if it has veneer. Now go into a second hand shop and look at furniture there. Nine times out of ten you will find better stronger pieces in the Thrift store. Many people sand and refinish second hand furniture and some love the old finishes just the way they are. New furniture is coming out with the shabby chic look and people love it.

You will also find cabinets, light fixtures, linens, curtains and everything you need to dress up your home. Some with price tags still attached. Hotels donate furniture and linens to Salvation Army stores and other Thrift stores. You will find beds, desks, chairs, refrigerators, dressers, artwork, dishwashers and more. Cooperations donate their overstock and most of it is new. When you buy at a Thrift store bring a tape measure with you. If you buy a piece that doesn’t fit, you can’t take it back. If you live in the Atlanta area these second hand stores might be near you.


Atlanta Salvage Outlet>404 873 4416

Salvation Army Stores:

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  1. Very useful, Ruby. Thank you.

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  3. Useful tips. It will be interesting to shop in Salvation Army and Thrift stores.

  4. This option reduces waste.

  5. With what goes in our economy and pocketbooks these days, this is a very valuable article. Thank you for giving such good information.

  6. Sound tips, Ruby, just asking, Why Relijournal?

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  12. This is what I enjoy reading about, ways to live well and save money. Your tips here are valuable to everyone looking to save money and have a nice home.

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  14. Very sound advice we should all strive to follow.

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  17. Brilliant ideas… it has never been more important to reuse and recycle.

  18. You are so right, Ruby. We have done up old pieces of furniture in the past and they have looked beautiful.

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  20. Great ideas, I am always for saving, money and the environment!

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  24. where I use to live we had thrift stores plus on great store that got salvaged parts from houses that were being redone or torn down – you could get great stuff from there.

  25. Great tips. We turned our back stoop into a full length deck. Now our porch is the size of two rooms. As soon as we run across screen and deck windows, we plan to turn half of it into an outdoor reception area. We salvaged using decks that were discarded by others. It looks great and people swear we paid a fortune but we didn’t.

  26. Used is good!!!

  27. Great. Earth friendly idea!

  28. I usually accompany my mom to thrift stores. When I have my own family, I would try them for sure.

  29. We can really save money if we buy used or second hand materials.

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  31. Stores like this are a great way of saving money and saving waste.

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