Top Ten Unusual Uses for Soap

Have you ever thought of what you could do with soap aside from giving yourself a bath?

I love to find new uses for old things or just different uses for everyday things that are cognitively linked to one use. One thing that we all use, or at least I hope we all use, is soap. The first things that pop into mind when someone says soap are bathing, washing, cleaning. But, what else can we do we soap. Let’s take a look.

1. Fish With It

Yep! For example, Ivory soap can be used as fish bait. You boil it down and allow it to sit and re-harden. This is just to prevent it from crumbling when you put it on the hook. If you are careful and gentle, you can just cut a chunk of the bar and ease it onto the hook. This is a technique used for years. I just recently saw an episode of Hooked on the Discovery channel where tribes were still predominantly using soap to fish for catfish.

2. Unscrew A Light Bulb With It

Anytime you have a broken light bulb that is still screwed in to the socket, just turn off the power and insert the corner of a dry bar of soap into the socket. With a few turns, the bulb will unscrew.

3. Keep Pest Away From Garden

A bar of strong smelling soap, like Irish Spring, will keep deer, raccoon, possums, etc.. out of the garden. They absolutely hate the smell of Irish Spring soap.

4. Keep Pest Off Flowers

Mix a 1 to 10 ratio of soap and water. Using  a spray bottle, lightly spray the underside of leaves. Bugs will not be eating those leaves anytime soon, and it is still safe for the plant.

5. Deodorize Your Space

Spray fragrances and many candles put a variety of hazardous and unwanted chemicals into the air. Instead, take soap slivers or entire bars of soap to deodorize your home, car, closet, etc.. Just wrap the soap in an old piece of stocking and place where desired. An instant clean smell, without all the chemicals polluting the air you breathe. 

6. Clean Someone Else With Your  Soap

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Before you say “yuck,” just hear me out. There are more than a billion people worldwide that survive on an income of just $1 a day or less.  These people find it difficult just to provide food and shelter for their families, much less luxuries like soap. WHO links many deaths to preventable basics like sanitation. Stop and think about just not being able to wash your hands, for example. Organizations like “Soap for Hope,” “Global Soap Project” and “Clean the World” take used soap donations, sterilize it, melt it down, and remold the soap into fresh bars.

7. Fingernail Guard

Before you go out digging around in the garden or flower bed, just scrape your fingernails over a bar of soap. It will prevent dirt from getting under the nail, but easily washes away during bath time.

8. Flea Trap

Mix a little soap into a bowl of water. Place the bowl under a dim light before you go to bed. You will find the dead fleas floating when you wake up. Much less toxic and expensive than flea spray or powder.

9. Remove Wallpaper

Mix a little soap into a bowl of water. Dip a sponge into the water and it will help loosen the glue as you remove the wallpaper.

10. Detect Gas Leaks

Mix a little soap with water. Dip a cloth or sponge into the mixture and rub along pipes. If you have a gas leak, you will see the soap bubbling.

Feel free to add your own unusual uses for soap in the comment section!  

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  1. Interesting tips.

  2. Good share. Ride on!

  3. unscrewing a light bulb with soap, really an unusual use of soap. Excellent share.

  4. Some of these i was aware of, and some i was surprised with. Good information Jo. Well done.

  5. It also helps slide tight rings off your finger.

  6. Hi Jo,
    I know that catfish will eat anything but soap is a new one for me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great ideas. I always include a bar of soap in the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.I had never heard of donating used soap. This might be a good way for hotels to make use of all of those little bars of soap that get used once – they probably just toss them.

  8. I just watch the youtube link, looks like someone else already thought of recycling hotel soap and a program is already set up.

  9. I know the fish bait one works Ashley. I used it many times to catch catfsh when I was a kid. :)

  10. good ideas, I used soap in detecting gas leaks in freezer, aircons,ref, since I’m too am a refrigeration technician.

  11. Thank you so much! Bugs are going to stop eating my food in my garden.

  12. Good information.
    Another could be making dummy design for a shape. Peal the soap bit by bit to the design you want. If at some point you peal by mistake, stick back the pealed bits there using water.

  13. Wow!.. These are really unusual uses as you have said.. But good ones too!.. :)

  14. I worked for my city once. We used Irish spring soap to attract and catch Groundhogs in public gardens. They love the smell and eat it. They preferred it to broccoli. I’m not sure which pests are attracted to it and which run from it, but not sure about # 3. Some of the other ideas were really helpful.

  15. I work for a hotel supply company and we often sell Motel Soaps to customers who own orchards and large gardens. They claim that the soaps do indeed keep deer away.

  16. All is correct but #3. Irish Spring soap does not keep out Possum. It in fact does exactly the opposite! Irish Spring contains tallow and its great for keeping deer out of your garden but not much else. Deer don’t like the smell but others like possum are not repelled by human smell as much. In our area we put out the soap to keep deer away but it doesnt last long because the possum haul it off. We have seen possum w/ the soap in it’s mouth carting it off from our garden. Sometimes it doesn’t last one night before every last bar of soap will be carted off by these critters!

  17. Borax has a lot of great uses. It is a mold killer and will prevent mold from coming back. Use it as an ant killer by mixing it with sugar or peanut butter. It will keep mice away. It will kill fleas and bed bugs. Use it in your laundry as a color safe bleach. Do cool expiriments like create crystal art and a natural plastic.

  18. Really good ideas. I\’ll try some of them. Thanks.

  19. I use irish spring in Jamaica … the mosquitos hate the stuff it also sooths sunburn.

  20. You can also rub a bar of soap on bottom side of drawer glides and they will really glide!

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