Top Five Ways to Minimize Electricity Use

Electricity costs a fortune, especially if it’s a household of five adults and two children, as is the case of my household. It’s quite easy to rack up a hefty power bill, so we must look into ways to pay the least amount of money for our power use. Here are five great ways in minimizing your power use and the amount you pay for this basic service. Ultimately it’s also you doing your little part in helping reduce fossil burning needed to produce the power to begin with. So how can we minimize power use? Read on….

Use the air conditioner and heater efficiently

On a hot day ensure you begin cooling your home early in the day before the temperature really picks up, that is before 9 am. If you begin cooling your home in the heat of the day chances are it will take twice as long to cool your home, and twice the power! Also refrain from keeping the cooling on constantly through the day, it will chew through your power use like nothing else! A few hours at a time is more than sufficient, that is if you begin cooling your home in the early hours of the day. If you wait until its 40 odd degrees Celsius you’ll find your cooling efforts fruitless.  In winter time heat your home overnight and ensure that you turn the heating off once the household wakes. Why keep the heaters on if it’s a cold day? Why waste power and line the power providers pocket? Put on a jumper or a jacket, it’s what clothing is designed for, you’ll be warm. It’s all down to common sense people. Also ensuring your home is properly insulated in the walls and ceilings will also aid you in your effort to save power.

Turn off lights when not used

This is a simple one people. Turn off unused lights. If you’re in the lounge, and your bedroom light is on, then you’re simply wasting power. You’re also throwing money away lining the power provider’s pocket! You’ll be amazed how much power the standard 80 and 100 watt light globes consume! Simply turn off the light when leaving a room, or going out. Turn your porch lights off people.

Switch to gas stoves, ovens and water heaters.

Gas is cheaper than electricity. Gas ovens and stoves are also far more efficient than the electrical variant too! Within two years you’ll recoup the initial outlay for a gas operated oven and water heater!   You’ll be using less gas than electricity to do your cooking as the oven and stove will be more effective, and gas water heaters tend to be far superior in water heating capability to the electrical counterpart. Try to minimize the electrical appliances you rely upon on a daily basis. If there is a gas or solar alternative than opt for it over electricity.

Turn off standby appliances

This includes computers, TV’s, and any other heavily power consuming electrical appliances. Whilst these appliances are on standby they continue to waste electricity, although at a lesser rate. It’s not much to walk over to the power board and turn the off button on the power board. This is especially effective when going away for the weekend or longer. Not only will you be minimizing power wastage, but also minimizing the possibility of power surges destroying your electrical equipment. If you’re not using your computer, then turn it off before going to sleep as keeping it on will gradually chew through your power usage!

Use power saving electrical appliances and light globes

Nowadays upon purchasing new electrical goods like fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, electrical ovens etc, you could see how power efficient the product is. This is because it’s fast becoming the electrical appliance industries main aim- to produce power saving appliances. You may need to pay a little more for an appliance that’s more power conserving. Don’t let a more expensive price tag deter you though, the amount of money you’ll be saving will more than pay for the small price difference initially. There are also many different power saving light globes that are designed to produce great lighting and use just a fraction of the power to operate. Buy energy conserving electrical goods people, you’ll be saving money whilst doing your part in helping reduce fossil burning.

I ask you to further educate yourselves in ways to conserve electricity and minimize power use. Look after the planet; this is the home to us all!

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  1. very effective ways to minimise electricity…nice article

  2. this is very informative. thanks

  3. Great tips! This year I decided not to even cut the air on until July and just use fans. That gives me a few months with no heat or air, very low bills.

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