Top 10 Turn Offs From a Man’s Point of View

Tips on How to save your falling relationship.

Woman, how sure are you that man really adores you like what you attest? Getting the answers is not easy as having a question and answer portion in a beauty contest. One has to look things beyond the lens and read between the lines to understand men.  True that man is less expressive and emotional towards saying his insights and his views towards women. Yet can share his part in making a strong relationship by respecting women but also with the large contribution of women’s changing their “turn off” attitude towards men as well. If you feel your relationship is starting to deteriorate, save it. The question spurs by asking “What do men hate most about women?” through observation and vast research, I give you the top ten turn offs from a man’s point of view. This is vital for women’s awareness and for men as well. Men, see if you agree with my list. Ladies, read on and learn. Please bear with me. It’s not just a mere point of view.

1.       Miss Green with Envy (Women who are too jealous… the most destructive one)

2.       The Director (Women who want to be the boss)

3.       The Broken Record (Women who nag… Close your ears!!!)

4.       Lady of All Men (Women who Flirt)

5.       Miss Insensitive (Women who just say what’s on their mind even if it’s tactless)

6.       The Girl Next Door (Women who don’t fix themselves… pity)

7.       The Smoke Belcher (Women who smoke…ugh!)

8.       The Call Center Agent (Women who spend a lot of time talking with or without the phone)

9.       AI Robot (Women who are too submissive like robots!)

10.   The Vanity Shop (Women that are too lush and vain about themselves)

“It is probably true to say that the largest scope for change still lays in men’s attitude to women and in women’s attitude to themselves.”

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  1. Act like a lady and think like a man is the key. Learning how to control your emotions. Acting insensitive and selfish is sometimes a good test. Trust me on this one. I told this guy once that he had a big ego and guess what? He told me off and I ignored him. Now the guy doesn’t go away. It’s all about learning control and focusing on you. A good article.

  2. Cheers for this

  3. All the points mentioned are definitely true.. Women sometimes dont understand their obsessiveness about a particular thing.

  4. All true, except maybe the girl next door. Sometimes that can be cute…

  5. cool.. nice share…:-]

  6. Nice to know about so many aspects about women.Nice share.

  7. you have a point… thanks for the share

  8. For me the worst is item number 4.

  9. A good write up.

  10. thanks guys…

  11. good insight, buti included si Bilmoko Girl.

  12. A nice written post.

  13. I love #8. The call center agent. Love it! Good last sentence.

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