Tips to Beat The Winter Blues

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It is already December, the weather is getting cold, its dark when you leave for work and its dark again when you come back home.  It often happens to us that we feel lazier, less active and we less feel like doing anything. It brings our mood down and our weight up – a critical point of winter and Christmas time for women especially. Now this does not necessarily have to be the way; with a few easy tips, you can fight back your winter blues, and also bring back down those few pounds you may have gained during the Christmas period.

First, watch what you eat! It is inevitable to fall for the treats in the winter period, but you should not forget about healthy eating. Choose foods that fill you up with energy without overwhelming your body with too many calories and carbs. Combine meat with a lot of veggies like lentils, chickpeas, peas – these fill you up with energy, are full of fibres and nutrients, but will not increase the amount of fat in your body. Don’t avoid salads either; tomato, carrot, celery or lettuce salads accompany nicely any meat. You can include nuts into your daily diet. A great and nutritive salad would include, for example, grated celery with walnuts, under a delicate coat of sour cream topping. If you want to make it a whole meal, add pieces of  chicken or steamed shrimp to it. You can find lots of healthy recipes  at and The Basic Art of Italian cooking:Holidays & Special Occasions-2nd edition.

You can also choose nuts and crackers during the day. Better to eat a few pieces of almonds, nuts or walnuts. To spice up the choice a little bit, you can include cashew nuts as well, or macadamia nuts. Nuts are oily though  and thus contain fat, which, in a small amount, stimulates your digestion and supplies your body with the sufficient amount of calories without adding carbs to your daily diet. A handful of nuts for a day needs to be sufficient both in quantity and in nutrients as well.

Besides  what you eat, you mustn’t forget about a good  workout to keep you from falling into the winter blues. Even though you may not really feel like moving or doing a particularly strong physical activity, you should convince yourself of the positive outcome of a workout. If you do half an hour daily, or 4-5 times a week, you already did much to fight back the winter mood. In addition, winter offers a few nice ways to move your body and boost your metabolism without you could even notice!

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