Tips for Heating Your Home Efficiently

These tips will help you keep your home safe from fire and make your home more energy efficient.

During the cold winter months many of you will turn to alternative heat sources to save on your energy bill. That is all very well but please do it properly and not in a way to put your home at risk. When used improperly alternative heating sources can lead to fires. More fires are reported in December, January, and February than any other months in the year. Improperly used heating equipment is the leading cause of home fire deaths.

The following tips will help you protect your home from fire.

1. Keep anything that can burn at least three feet from any fire source.

2. For space heaters, use fuel specified by manufacture.

3. Turn portable heaters off when leaving the room or going to bed.

4. Never use your oven for heating.

5. If you smell gas, do not attempt to light your gas heater. Turn off the controls, open the windows, and call a gas service person.

6. Maintain heating equipment and clean chimneys once a year.

7. Be sure your fireplace has a sturdy screen to reflect all sparks.

The following tips will help you reduce waste of energy.

1. Set thermostat at 68 degrees when the house is occupied during the day and turn it down at night to 60 degrees.

2. Make sure the return vents, baseboards, and radiators are not obstructed by any objects and that air can flow freely.

3. Check heating ducts for leaks from joints and holes. Ask at your local hardware store for the proper tape to use for the job.

4. Change or clean the furnace filter every month or two.

5. Insulate water heaters with and insulating jacket.

6. Turn off the heat from any rooms that are not used and can be closed off.

7. Install caulking and weather stripping, or use spray foam around any windows and doors with air leaks.

8. Keep curtains open during the day on the south side of the house to allow the sunlight to enter. Keep them closed at night to reduce heat loss.

9. A kitchen or bathroom fan can pull out a houseful of warm air in one hour so turn off the fan as soon as the job is done.

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  1. This is very important information to keep your home safe from potiental fires. great information!

  2. Lol, who’s going to turn on a fire when they smell gas? Great informative article

  3. “Never use you oven for heating”

    :O I have never thought of that and who does this? How can an Oven warm the house ? LOL

  4. Thanks for the tips, Ruby. I’ll do anything to reduce my heating bills safely!

  5. I’ve also heard of many cases where people tried heating their homes and caused monstrous fires. Thank you Ruby ,for providing us with these safety tips which should be fallowed when using alternative heating sources.

  6. A valuable and informative article, Ruby, especially during these difficult times. The safety aspects are particularly useful.


  7. A very informative article, full of really good tips. Thank you.

  8. Ruby great information and I am sure will save a ton of money and every little bit saved is a good thing.

  9. An article worth remembering full of useful and preventive tips.

  10. Good tips, My house is always cold, and yes, I have turned on the oven to stand over it and warm up…it gets hot very quickly and will warm you up quick!!

  11. you are the most reliable person in this community when it comes to tips and home care,thanks Ruby

  12. Great stuff one again. I hadn’t thought of that unassuming little vent.

  13. Ruby, good tips, as usual. Thanks.

  14. Great tips, Ruby. Thanks for reminding us all.

  15. I feel so safe by reading this tips… ! I always leet me heater far away from anything…!

  16. Good article – good advice is always apreciated

  17. Thanks for the great tips. :)

  18. Great article Ruby, thanks for the tips!

  19. Good tips for the cold months and for safety sake too.

  20. Very useful tips.

  21. Good information from safety and practical view points as well as for the environment as a whole.

  22. Ruby, you come up with the best articles. Good tips and advice. You are right, please, be careful with space heaters. In the last few weeks we have had several fires in Pensacola from space heaters being left on when people go to bed.

  23. very helpful tips! Thanks for sharing it.

  24. Thanks for your great tips here!

  25. Thanks Ruby but any tips for cooling? j

  26. Thank you my friends for your time and comments. We do have fires every winter because of unsafe heating practices.I have already seen news of fires and loss of life due to fires this early in the winter months.I hope we will all be careful and not have this happen to any of us.

    Sotiris, as strange as it seems I have been guilty of turning the oven on for heat on a cold morning when I first go in the kitchen. I don’t do it now but I have.

    James, close your curtains on the south side of the house. Open your windows at night and turn your attic fan on. Close them and turn your attic fan off during the day and turn your air conditioner on. I’ll bet you already do that.

  27. Good advise, I am careful about fire.

  28. good work! That’s very informative and helpful for me and the members as well. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Wonderful tips Ruby and very important.

  30. I may not need this for I live in the tropical Philippines,but I sure find it extremely useful for people in the temperate regions.

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