Things You Never Thought of Doing with Your Waffle Iron

Have a waffle iron sitting on the shelf? Get one for a wedding present or a house warming gift?

A waffle iron can be a great gadget for weekend breakfasts and special occasions.  But seriously, how often do you use it?  Do you get it out even once a week? Waffles are great, but they’re not every day food, not even if you live in an amusement park.  There have to be limits.

But your waffle iron doesn’t just have to take up space in your pantry.  You can do more than just make waffles.  With a little bit of creativity and some of the tips below, you’ll find yourself using that waffle iron over and over before it collects another layer of dust.

What can you do with a waffle iron besides the obvious?  To begin with, pretty much anything with a batter base can be made in your waffle iron.  Consider these options.

Bake some Brownies.  Heat the waffle iron to the lowest setting.  Put a little of your favorite brownie batter in and close the waffle iron.  Let the brownies cook for about four minutes, or until they are firm and starting to get very brown around the edges.  Remove them from the waffle iron and let them sit for a few minutes to get crisp.

Want a breakfast alternative to waffles?  Make muffins instead.  You obviously lose the cupcake shape of a traditional muffin.  But mix your muffin batter.  Again, like with the brownies, put the waffle iron on the lowest setting and cook until the muffins are browned and set.  Usually about five minutes. 

Waffle shaped corn bread can be a treat alongside your favorite chili.  Use a corn muffin mix, or your own batter and follow the same instructions as for the muffins above.

Ready for this?  Try Hash Browns.

Get your ingredients together for your favorite hash brown recipe.  Don’t have one?  There are dozens, if not hundreds on the Internet.  Heat the waffle iron to medium heat.  You’ll want to grate the potatoes on the large side of a box grater.  Press or squeeze the mixer to drain out as much liquid as you can.  When the waffle iron is hot, put about 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in the bottom.    Once you’ve done that, place about a cup of your potato mixture in the iron and brush the top with vegetable oil.  Close the lid and cook until the hash browns are golden and crisp.  That usually takes about 8-10 minutes.  Season as desired and serve.

Waffle shaped cookies.  These can be a treat for the kids, or the grownups who just act like kids.  Put some cookie dough in your waffle iron.  You can have freshly baked cookies in just about two minutes.

Have some leftover pizza from last night’s party?  Head it up in your waffle iron.  Sure your pizza will look a little strange.  But who eats leftover pizza for the looks?  Generally a minute in a hot iron will do the trick.  And it’s a much better alternative to the microwave.

Are you a grilled cheese lover?  Cook some up in your waffle iron.  You have to have the right sort of bread to do this (preferably something a bit thicker).  Use your iron as a sandwich press to make a delightful companion to a bowl of your favorite tomato, chicken or vegetable soup. 

Once you get the idea of being creative with your waffle iron, the possibilities are endless.  Your friends and family will be amazed at the things you can do.  And you won’t even have to tell them your secrets, unless they read them here first.

Written by Lawrence Reaves for, a budget-friendly kitchen appliances company, providing quality slow cookers and waffle bakers.

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