The Different Parts of The Sewing Machine and Its Uses

The sewing machine is composed of several parts. One is the spool-pin. It is a three-inch rod structure which holds the pool of the thread.

The sewing machine is used for sewing purposes. The machine is operated either by the use of foot or through the use of electricity. It requires skills, knowledge, and expertise to operate the sewing machine accurately.

The sewing machine is composed of several parts. One is the spool-pin. It is a three-inch rod structure which holds the pool of the thread.

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Next is the thread guide, the use of the thread guide is to hold the thread in place, from the spool pin going to the upper thread tension. There are two kinds of thread guides. The first thread guide is located in the halfway between the take-up lever needles. It is a small loop thin metal. The second thread guide is located at the upper part of the needle.

Another part is the upper thread tension. This part is consists of two small round discs. The use of the disc is to keep the thread slightly taut, regulate tightness of stitches and prevent formation of loops in the fabric.

 Wire spring, the wire spring is a small bent wire; it is located at the side of the upper thread tension. The wire spring is also use as thread guide.

Take-up lever, this part of the sewing machine moves down to loosen the thread to prepare the formation of the stitch; it will move up in order to remove the slack as the stitch is completed.

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Needle, the needle is attached by loosening the needle clamp then pushing it up making sure that the flat portion of it is facing inside. It can be bought in varying sizes. Size number 14 is the most common size of needle for ordinary fabrics. In threading the needle, the thread should pass through the eye of the needle from the outside portion going to the inside.

Presser foot, the presser foot is located below the needle. The function of the presser foot is to hold the cloth in place while it is being sewn.

The next part is the feed dog, the feed dog is directly located beneath the presser foot. This part has saw- like edges. It will push the cloth backwards as the cloth is being sewn.

Another part is the stitch regulator; this part is located near the balance wheel. The stitch regulator has lever and numbers. It indicates the number of stitch per inch. This part of the sewing machine is responsible for regulating the length of stitches.

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Bobbin winder, the bobbin winder is a short rod located just beside the balance wheel. This part is used to thread in the bobbin.

Clutch, the clutch is another part of the sewing machine. It is rounded in structure; this part is located along the center of the balance wheel. The clutch disengages the stitching mechanism when it is loosen.

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