The Brown Rat, The Most Destructive Animal in History

Only men with the exception of the rat is probably the most intelligent animal, the more destructive and more acclimated to how many animals exist on Earth.

Coldest sites and even the most hot deserts, this animal, which is armed with an uncanny instinct for survival, not just the man survived but has even threatened his life. The loss of life caused by the rat-borne disease probably exceeds that of all the wars that have occurred in history.

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Most of the more than 500 species of rats live in places away from human settlements, such as forests, fields or forests. But many years ago that a few species of rodents but fatal took the historic decision to join its destiny to the man. And from there he pursued where it is directed, eat what they eat, and fits your lifestyle. They have become even more domestic animals the horse, cow or dog.

During the Middle Ages had already invaded Europe black rats, also known as roof rats. Then came, according to legend, the invasion of another species, the brown rat. Originally from the East, these rats are to be seen in Europe around 1727, crossed the Volga, are scattered throughout continental Europe and then invade England, where they were baptized with the name of Norway rat. Then travel to North America aboard ships coming from Europe with the advance of the first settlers in 1775.

The ferocious violence of the brown rat, more gifted than the black, chased it and moved to the point that now is confined generally to the ports and temperate zones. While climbing the black rat, the brown, which is digger, open holes four inches square by crossing to any place without difficulties, or through swimming a mile to enter sewer pipes inside the houses.

His life takes about nine months, and never lasts more than two years. In captivity reaches the advanced age of three years.

These rats produce young every month of the year. Her litter is five to ten mice, but there have been up to 17 children. It is believed that in excellent condition, only one pair of rats can be, in the course of three years, 350 million descendants.

To exterminate, mankind has used many types of poisons, and this, even after removing 95 percent of the rats that were in place, has been that, after approximately one year, the rat population again be equal to the previously existing.

Where the rats go with them is infected. For human health is a threat as deadly as a nuclear bomb. They are the vehicle for about 35 diseases. Rat fleas transmit bubonic plague, evil in the fourteenth century produced the deaths of at least one of every three people who contracted, and now even comes in some areas of East and Africa.

Although some fancy food, the rat is no gloating, and eat almost anything it finds. It is equipped with a special instinct that helps him survive. Because if the spot of his usual steps with food is new to her, as poisoned meat, not touching. When time elapses, after getting used to her, begins to give small bites. To have the poison meat, you eat the minute doses can have some effect, but need not be a poison, which is enough to bring it into sobreaviso, and immediately stops nibbling, and not to deceive the other rats usually sprinkle of urine and faeces.

The only thing that has been made of them is to get a variety, with thick white fur and red eyes. The laboratory rat is today one of the most important scientific arsenal of weapons. Nobody knows how many lives have been saved medicines were discovered and tested, when applied to the rat as experimental animal, or experiment with it new surgical procedures.

In the end, the hated rats, now compensates, in part, the many damages and losses in human lives of food has made of the man.

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  1. Your article is non-factual from the outset. Human beings are the most destructive animal on the planet- more destructive than all others combined. Further, if the rats numbers seem to be out of control u can be sure that it is due to human influence. Oh gee and isnt it so wonderful that we have tortured, mangled and murdered millions of innocent rats merely to save a few lives of an overpopulated species. Wake up and bet a better perspective

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