Some Household News Part One

Here are sme news you might be able to use for your house. Hope it helps=)

Thi comes come from Woman’s World

Did you ever have to go out  but forgot to wash your jeans

and you washed your jeans at the last minute.  YOu put them in the dryer and they came out damp and you have to leave soon.

What to do? Put them in the dryer again with a big towel. The extra moisture is absorbed in only a little bit of time.

Do you develop roses each year or wish you could but don’t because you don’t like the sharp stems. Here is a method to trim them without getting lacerations or abrasions on your hands and arms. Use tongs from the kitchen to grab hold of the stems and do the trimming or pruning.

Do you have a lot of photographs that sit in a box in the attic? Do you just never find the time to look at those photographs?

If you cook a lot, you can see these photos all the time. Just write or type out your recipes on the back of these photos and everytime you cook you’ll have another nice memory.

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