Should You Raise Hens and Chickens When You Live in a Small Neighborhood?

Should you raise hens and chickens when you live in a small neighborhood? I would seriously hope not. How about a nice farm or somewhere appropriate where you have lots of space to do so?

Should you seriously raise hens and chickens when you live in a small neighborhood? Good lord, please don’t. It’s not the appropriate place to raise animals like that. I think I would be against this.

I went yardsaling this morning and arrived at one yard sale on a small street in a little neighborhood where the houses are pretty much close together. It didn’t look like any of them had really big yards.

First of all, I probably shouldn’t have stopped as her sale looked really tiny. She didn’t have very much to sell at all, just one little table with stuff on it and nothing I wanted to buy. I was kind of lingering over these free memorex disks ( a good amount of them) and as I was standing there thinking about them, I decided not to take them. They are obselete and I knew that I could never use them. My ex has a huge bag full of them from way back in the early nineties or before that. Who uses them anymore?

And I then looked at these two soup mugs that had a recipe for cream of mushroom soup and the other cream of chicken. I was reading the recipes and thought that I may like to try the homemade ones for a change instead of buying the junk in the cans. Tastes good, but not good for you.

As I picked up the second soup mug to read, I began to hear a loud racket and suddenly I looked up and realized that it sounded very much like ducks, hens or chickens or something of that nature. Well, suddenly I started to also smell an awful stench and then I looked around to see where it was coming from. Well, right in this woman’s backyard about one house over was this big old type of chicken coop. It was graying and the wood looked simply terrible and I could tell that there were some animals nearby.

The smell was terrible and all I could think of was just getting out of there with all the money in my pocket. I looked a little bit, as at first I wasn’t sure if they were her animals as she had a garage right next to it.

As I drove away in my car, all I could think about was how terrible it was. A small neighborhood where the streets are all close together, perhaps no sign of a yard of any sort in the back and a terrible odor that lingers every day. Maybe it’s worse on certain days. What about when it’s hot and humid and there’s this wicked smell on top of it all and you want to just close your windows to it when you would rather let in a lovely summer breeze?

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