Seven Tips to Tackle Your Nagging Neighbor

We live in a society. Life in this century is turning more urban all over the world. People have to live close proximity and mostly have to depend on others. Neighbors have become an important factor of the day.

Man is a social animal. He wants to live in a society. In the modern life neighbors play a vital role in our lives. There may be good neighbors or nagging neighbors. Nagging neighbors are always a problem making us lose our temper.

Being a good neighbor, in these days, is fairly easy. It is all about respect and common sense in moving with others. Like in any relationship, you need to be thoughtful and behave accordingly with at least the basic etiquettes. . 

An interesting experience with my neighbor

This happened many years back when one of our neighbors took my words verbatim and came to live with us!

We invited an old neighbor living alone on a neighboring farm to join us for a weak end evening meal. We were chatting for sometime when a fierce thunderstorm struck. We suggested to our neighbor that he stay that night, thinking we would save the old man from getting soaked by going home in the rain. He accepted our offer delightfully with a grin.

After a few minutes, our good neighbor excused himself and moved away. We assumed that he might have gone to the bathroom. But quite some time later he appeared like the proverbial drowned rat with his pyjamas in a plastic bag under his arm!

Sometimes it happens that our neighbors turn a nagging problem!

Here are seven tips to tackle your nagging neighbors.  

1) You can follow certain tips to make your neighborhood a pleasant experience, and hopefully, your neighbor can turn the favorable to you. You take initiative to have a cordial relationship with your neighbor.

2) Give and take policy is the norm of neighborhood.

All you really need to do is just to think how you would want someone to behave toward you in any given situation.  Like in any relationship, you need to be thoughtful and behave accordingly.  Remember neighborhood is just like a mirror. If you smile at them they will also smile at you. It is reciprocal. Most of the times it is like shaking hands; if you extend your hand, the other person also will extend his hand.  

3) Initiate acts of kindness

It does not take much to be kind.  Invite your neighbor occasionally for some of your programs. You can give your neighbor a plate of cookies during the holidays or do some watering to the plants when your neighbor goes on vacation. Let your neighbors know you can help out if needed.  Very small effortless things like these can be the key to being a good neighbor.

4) Greet your neighbor

You can greet and start by talking about something. A greeting with a smile will do a lot in fostering up relationships. Take chances to build up good relationship.

5) Avoid noise

Generally, no one likes a noisy neighbor.  So make sure that your noise level in your house is kept to a minimum.  Early morning and late night loudness will be an irritating annoyance to your neighbors so make sure you and your family keeps it quiet.  Be sure, loud music, mowing lawn at the crack of dawn and barking dogs will make your neighbors crazy.  It will be the same if others do. So think about what you are doing. That will prompt your neighbor to do the same.

6) Never gossip or spread telltales about others

Gossiping and spreading blaming rumors about others are always dangerous. That is the chief cause of breaking friendship. If your neighbor initiated to do this tell him politely that it is not good to talk about people at their back.

7) Keep your animals clean and non-disturbing

Animals of neighborhood are a source of safety and pleasure. Clean up your dogs and cats so that they may look pleasant.  People do not like looking at disgusting animals in their neighborhood. 

Being a good neighbor has the advantage of gaining you good neighbors, since your neighbors will reciprocate your goodwill.  This will lead to a sense of community in the neighborhood which is good for everyone’s peace of mind.

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