Remove Paint From Skin Using Home Remedies

Painting can be so messy. Even when you try so hard to be careful, there’s still a chance that paint will find its way to places you never intended it to be; like on you. At least on your clothing you can take it off and deal with the problem later, but when it’s on your person, it becomes more of a priority. Some resort to harmful chemicals to do the trick, but there are other safer methods that are just as effective.

Removing Paint from your Skin:

Saturate your painted skin with olive oil and sprinkle table salt on top of it. Using a cloth that you aren’t too concerned about, scrub the area. The salt acts as a mild abrasive and the olive oil will soften the paint making it easier to remove. Once the paint is gone, use warm soapy water to clean up.

Lather the stubborn paint with margarine or mayonnaise and let it sit for at least five minutes. Using a cloth and warm soapy water, scrub the area until all of the paint is gone. Another thing that you may already have around the home that works quite well is baby oil. Baby oil not only is terrific for removing paint from your skin, it works great if there’s paint in your hair as well.

Preventing Paint from Getting on your Skin:

Covering your body from head to toe isn’t always an option. Unless you’re painting in the winter where long sleeves and gloves are also used for comfort, this isn’t all that comfortable in the summer. If you plan on wearing short sleeves, rub lotion all over your skin. This will make it harder for the paint to stick to you. Wearing a baseball cap or painters hat will help to keep the paint out of your hair, but if that’s not an option, apply conditioner to your hair and the paint won’t be able to stick to it as well.



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  1. Thanks for that.


  2. Well, this was very useful to me. I don’t paint houses :-) , but being a hobby painter I do end up painted just like my canvases :) , hair, forehead, fingers! Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

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