Parenting: Child’s Self Respect and Character Development

Two things are essential to character development: (1)the admirable qualities that formulate character and (2) a strong sense of self-respect, which will enable a person to control his conduct.

There is an intimate interrelationship between a child’s developing character and his ideas and attitudes pertaining to himself. Repeated verdicts about being “bad” or “good” will now directly influence his character. Throughout his childhood, the many “shoulds” and “oughts” that he has heard begin to formulate the ideals and aspirations that he now decides to live up to. Hence, all indications of your child’s standards of behavior are nurtured by repeated positive reinforcement.


A child may have many admirable traits, but if he has no self-respect, he will have little desire to display his admirable qualities or may do so only sporadically. So it is self-respect that is the determining factor in character development. Although it is the sum total of a person’s morals that determines the qualities of character and conduct a child will have, self-respect gives consistency to the behavior.

Two things are essential to character development:

  • The admirable qualities that formulate character
  • A strong sense of self-respect, which will enable a person to control his conduct

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  6. Well written.The self-esteem (or lack of it), is partly acquired, partly genetic (this is my dilettante opinion, I judge from myself). It took me many years of conscious work with myself to reach a ‘proper’ level of self esteem, even though I cannot say I was treated in a bad way in childhood. These are things you get from your parent(s).. Your post made me think about this again )

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  13. Good information. I recall from Ed Psych class that a child’s character is pretty much set by age 4, and after that external influences have far less impact on character development. Those early years are so important for teaching values and morals.

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  31. Totally agree with you especially on self respect, I think it is key

  32. Excellent points, parenting is a tough job and many parents do not take it seriously enough, focusing more on their paying job than on their kids.

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