Organic Ways to Clean

Clean your home in a naturist way.

Almost everyone these days is looking for the most natural and safest way to clean their house, especially if they have kids. Reading the labels on basic house cleaning chemicals can be a daunting task as all of the toxic properties come to light. Implementing a safer house cleaning practice can significantly reduce if not eliminate poisoning all together in a home. So, let’s look at some of the ways we can not only help the environment and cut down on frivolously disposable items while helping our families stay toxin free.

Tips to Clean the Organic Way

Perhaps one of the easiest and the most organic ways to clean is by steam cleaning. Yep, that is an effective way to clean using no chemicals whatsoever. This organic practice can clean just about anything. So, what exactly can be cleaned around the house using this method? Well, if you have a wet/dry shop vac you can use steam on the upholstery, carpets, drapes car interior etc. For regular everyday ways to clean, this type of organic system can clean barbeques, ovens, floors, tile, counters, the car, truck and RV’s. Basically if it can be cleaned steam can clean it.

In your medicine cabinet you probable have a bottle of peroxide. Did you know that peroxide is excellent for stain removal? It’s true. A family secret is to apply a dab of peroxide on a mattress if it is affected by a menstrual cycle, or any other stains for that matter. Forget about using harsh spot removers and nasty smelling aerosol sprays on the area you spend a third of your life.

Kitchen sinks can be cleaned using baking soda. Not only does it remove all odiferous remnants it polished the sinks nicely and can be used for all kinds including porcelain and stainless steel. Using abrasive and chemically based products can put a lot of wear and tear on these items and should be avoided. To give a fresh clean aroma to your kitchen after cleaning down the sinks and counter cut a piece of lemon rind and place it in the garbage disposal. The lemon oil will coat the blades beneath after being turned on and thrust a fresh scent into the room.

House Keeping 101

For every day ways to clean make sure stock up on vinegar. It can be your best friend. My grandmother used ammonia to clean windows because it kept them clean longer but the old ways are better for the sake of eliminating the harmful fumes and possible poisoning that can be caused by ammonia. Vinegar is an organic way to clean windows, mineral deposits from hard water and the food related filth in your microwave. For the microwave however put some vinegar in a bowl and microwave on high, the steam will begin working to make it easy to wipe down.

We all want our homes to smell fragrant but using harsh smelling synthetic spays can irritate the respiratory airways in children and adults. For an organic way to a fresh, clean, aromatic house grow an herb and flower garden. Many herbs and flowers have a long lasting aroma that can fill your house with a gentle fragrance that really adds charm.

Organic House Keeping Tips: Conclusion

These are all simple things that can be done for the good of your environment be it home or earth. No matter the reason for your change in how you view your house keeping tasks these organic ways to clean can definitely help you on your way to a cleaner and safer house.

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  1. I’m allergic to so many chemicals. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Maybe I can use some of these ideas for cleaning my truck. I hate the smell of most cleaners.

  3. Wonderful suggestions!

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