Kill Roaches, Water Bugs and Fleas Without Pesticides and Other Poisons

Get rid of roaches, water bugs and fleas with out pesticides. A long term safe solution.

Kill Roaches, Water Bugs and Fleas without pesticides and other poisons

By  Anthony Alarcon

My wife and I purchased a wonderful fixer upper.  The house was a steal just needed a little TLC.  We spent a few weeks painting and cleaning then moved in.  Having never spent a night in the home the first time I turned the light on in the middle of the night I was greeted by unexpected guest.  Roaches were everywhere the floor was moving the kitchen had come alive.  They crunched under my feet crawled up my ankle and dropped from the ceiling. 

We bought bombs and cans of spray.  High fived our selves as the creepy crawlers staggered out of the cracks and crevices of the cabinets and walls.  We swept the carnage into the dust pan and called it a successful campaign. Within a few days they were back, in force.  We repeated the cycle to the point that our home was becoming a toxic site the bug spray residue was on everything.  No matter what the can promised the bugs were not convinced.    The only long term casualty in this battle was our bank account we were spending so much on bug spray we should have claimed the roaches as a exemption. 

To make a long story short, we found a solution.  Searching the internet and speaking with exterminators we found the answer.  When I say solution I mean it.  The deadly combination is boric acid and baits. 

You have to be serious about it.  The boric acid powder has to go every where.  Where the floor meets the wall there should be a continuous line of boric acid Create a situation that when they creep out at night they must cross the boric acid.  In the kitchen take everything out of your cabinets put the boric acid liberally on each shelf and drawer.  Pull out your refrigerator and stove clean the area then do a heavy dusting of boric acid put in place you could not normally reach.  Get under the sink dust everywhere they might crawl where the pipes go into the walls blow the dust in there too.  Treat the bathrooms the same way pay special attention to sinks and any opening you can blow the dust into the better off you are.  Every room should be treated we even pulled the dresser drawers out and dusted the dividers that were under the drawers.  I dusted the top of the box springs. Think like a roach and put the powder any place you would crawl.  Dust under your pets’ bed because boric acid also works on fleas.  Put it in places where it will not be disturbed and it will continue to work as long as it stays dry.  It is important that it stays as a powder if it gets wet clean it up and reapply.  The last place is under your electronics TV’s microwaves computers anything that generates heat seems to draw roaches.  Remember your objective is to make no place safe for them in your home.

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