Inexpensive Wall Art

Decorating walls with inexpensive items.

 Prepackaged rooms simply do not work for  people.  A well decorated home should reflect the personality of the people living in it, which means the pre-decorated  room at the local store will simply not cut it for a large number of people.  Instead, they prefer to put together a well acquired look, reflecting their interests, personality and lifestyle.  With a little effort, wall art can often be unexpected and quite unique..

Gone are the days when a picture is hung over the sofa and the room is decorated!  Instead, today’s home is a combination of items that work together to create art.  Thrift stores are a marvelous place to acquire some fun items to hang for wall decorations.  For example, three old bicycle wheels can be quite exciting to hang in a room for a person that enjoys bicycling.  Simply gather three that are different and hang them at random levels over a long table or sofa and you can create quite a conversation piece.  Another specialized find at thrift stores is to find a unique window or glass door.  Either can be quite spectacular as wall art!  A good way to shop a thrift store is simply to walk slowly and look at patterns and textures for items that appeal to your eye.  Perhaps an old iron outdoor table would make a spectacular wall hanging if the legs were removed.  Or the legs might look wonderful as brackets to mount a shelf to a wall.  The secret is to not predetermine what items are intended for.  Instead, consider what could they be in the future.

Other great ideas for wall art can be to utilize what you already have in a new way.  For example, a small group of photographs can often look lost if used by themselves.  However, when grouped in a collage they can make a nice piece of art.  Old black and white photos can be blown up into posters with very little expense involved.  Old dishes in random patterns can make a marvelous piece of art in a dining room or kitchen.  A collection of random pots and pans can also look quite clever used as wall art in a kitchen.  Bathrooms are a marvelous place to get creative with old iron gates and floor grates as wall art. 

Training the eye to see art in random places is an exciting way to shop.  Sometimes the most obscure items can turn into art for people that will take a few chances and do things in an unexpected manner.  A collection of random drawer knobs can be mounted to a board and create a delightful coat rack to place in an entryway. Antique linen can brighten up a drab wall if hung as art.  The possibilities are limitless when creativity is cultivated.  Wall art is whatever you want it to be to reflect your unique personality.  Yes, that includes haning a old corvette car door in your husbands office if you want.

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  1. very good ideas, i like decorating our house.

  2. Decorating can be great fun when the mind is opened to shape and form. Often these things can be found for very little money!

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