How to Repair Vinyl-covered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This is how I repaired my kitchen cabinet doors when the vinyl coating began peeling off.

Vinyl-covered kitchen cabinet doors eventually bulge, chip and begin coming apart around the inside edges of the cabinet doors. Replacing the doors on your cabinets is not cost-effective.

Kitchen cabinets do not add that much to the value of your house compared to what they cost you. And in the current market, you do not want to replace your kitchen cabinets unless you’re planning on living in your house for a very long time. The best thing to do is to try to preserve the ones you have.

If the vinyl covering is discolored, cracking and peeling off, the most sensible thing to do remove the doors from their hinges. Remove the door knobs or handles with a screw driver. Then, simply put your fingers under the vinyl material and pull it all off in one piece.

Once the vinyl is off and you see a kind of dense press board underneath, they are prepared to be re-finished with primer and high-gloss paint.

Get primer and high-gloss paint in the desired color. Get some small roller brushes, the size used to do the trim. Also get a paint tray and very fine sand paper. You may also require a fine arts brush about 1/2″ to 1″ wide for details.

Then prepare your work area.

Place drop cloths on the floor. Put the paint in the paint tray and roll on a coat of primer. It is necessary to use primer because if you try to apply paint directly to the surface it will bubble up and you will not be able to sand it down. It will ruin the surface. So apply one coat of primer and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Then, apply your first coat of high gloss paint. When it is thoroughly dry apply fine sand paper to any rough surfaces and apply a second coat of paint. Continue painting and sanding until you get the look you desire.

Once your doors are thoroughly dry, replace the door knobs and screw them back onto their hinges.

This is the best way to repair doors like these. It will give you a long lasting result. You’ll have nice looking cabinets. It will be good when you go to sell the house and it will not leave a big, empty vortex in your bank account.

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