How to Pick a Window Lock

There is a lot that goes into making a dream home. Extra attention needs to be given to each small nook and corner. Each aspect is important in its own way. Right from placing the windows to choosing the right window lock, each small detail needs to be looked into. A lot of extra effort needs to be put into choosing the window locks. Statistics show that burglars find it easiest to break the window locks to enter a house. Remember to keep all factors in mind before selecting one.


Step 1

Ask the local police department to do a thorough check of your locality and household. They have the ability to gauge your safety measures and advise you what window locks to pick depending on the threats your house may be exposed to.

Step 2

Ensure that you replace all hollow glass windows with fibreglass to make them sturdy and durable. Ensure that you install thick glasses of 3-4 cm thickness .

Step 3

Consider the bolt sash lock that is based on the age old mechanism of bolts. In such cases the lock can be opened with the help of a key but the bolt is situated on sash lock . The best aspect about this kind of bolt sash lock is that you can lock your window in two ways. Firstly, the entire window is closed. Secondly , only a part of the window is open for fresh air to come in but no individual can come through it.

Step 4

Consider investing in an electronic lock that can centrally lock the entire house at a click of the button. The only issue is if the control malfunctions then you may end up suffocating

Step 5

Consider investing in a key sash locks. In such cases, each sash lock comes with a key. So even if someone breaks the pane, they cannot open the window unless they have access to the key. Kids also can reach to the sash lock, but without the key the lock would not budge.

Step 6

Consider investing in a sash lock. This is one of the most common locks. These were once pressed locks in the sash from any kind of movement. However,this does not make it burglar proof. Any person can break the window pane and then get easy access to the sash button to unlock it. Another problem with these sash locks are that they are so simple that even kids can open them easily.

Step 7

Installation of windows at home with hinges located outside is not advisable. A burglar can easily take them off and break in. Hence, it is prudent to place the window hinges inwards so that the burglars cannot have easy access to them.


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Things You’ll Need

  • Police Inspection
  • Replace Window Panes
  • Check the various types of locks available in the market.
  • Place your windows smartly


  • The key to choosing a window lock lies in your safety and interest. Even if you have to shell out some extra money, it makes sense to opt for the latest and the best.
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