How to Make Your Own Fly Paper

A proven method for ridding the house of flies and other insects.

     Fly paper may enjoy unfortunate connotations that remind you of dirt, disease and dung — fly specks, that is. But these dangling ribbons of paper, designed to provide a fly with its final landing strip, can help keep your home free of these and other irritating and potentially dangerous pests.
     Depending on the arrangement of the rooms and entryways in your home, you may not need to place the strips where people will find them offensively intrusive. Hang them in discreet out-of-the-way areas near sometimes open windows, and family entryways. Don’t worry how well hid, flies will find them.
     If you experience an assault on your home of other insect pests, such as cockroaches, you may need to leave the fly paper strips along their favorite paths of travel. Roaches love to explore cupboards and under-the-sink cavities for traces of food. (It takes very little to attract them.) Just lay the strips where they’ll walk onto them.
     You can purchase fly paper at most home maintenance businesses. If you find the product unavailable nearby, however, you might consider making your own insect traps. You’ll find your homemade fly paper an effective weapon in your battle against these unwelcome guests. If you have children, they should find the project an interesting undertaking.
     Here are fairly uncomplicated instructions for making fly paper at home.
     First, gather the materials you will need. These include scissors, brown (grocery bag) paper, a flat (cake) pan, maple or corn syrup, dark brown sugar and white granulated sugar.
     Use the scissors to cut the paper into three-inch wide strips. The length of your pan may determine the length of these strips. You’ll find strips of up to 18 inches long fairly easy to work with. Set these aside.
     In a bowl, mix together the syrup and the sugars in the following amounts: 1/2 cup of syrup, 2 tablespoons each of the white and brown sugars. Stir until the sugar has completely combined with the syrup.
     Finally, lay out the paper strips in the pan and cover them with the sugar and syrup mix. Let the strips soak overnight or longer. Use a fork to lift the candied paper strips onto a rack, under which you’ve place sheets of newspaper, to dry.
     To hang a strip, just punch a small hole in one end and thread a length of string through it to facilitate hanging the strip by means of a push pin or thumb tack.

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