How to Kill Ants, Cockroaches, and Spiders with Shampoo

Insects trying to turn your home into their home? Do you feel like you the insects are trying to run you out of your own house? Are you reluctant to spray harmful chemicals in your home for fear of harming the health of your family or pets? You can kill and Repel Ants and other Insects using White Rain Citrus Shampoo! Forget harmful pesticides and expensive exterminators! Use this inexpensive cleaning product instead. Spray the homemade mixture onto insects! Mop your floors and wipe down your cabinets with the shampoo to help repel the ants!! AMAZING!

Things You’ll Need:

·         White Rain Citrus Shampoo

·         Spray Bottle

1.    Step 1

To kill ants, cockroaches, and spiders, mix half water and half White Rain Citrus Shampoo (the shampoo is the red colored shampoo – GREAT SMELL!)

2.    Step 2

Add 1 cup of White Rain Citrus Shampoo to 1 cup of water in a clean spray bottle

3.    Step 3

Secure lid and shake to mix.

4.    Step 4

Spray your homemade environmental friendly insecticide on the insects and their pathways!


Tips & Warnings

  • Note: Cockroaches and large spiders may require a couple of sprays as the shampoo also needs to touch the under side of the insect.
  • As with any product, if you are allergic to any ingredients in the product, please do not use!!
  • Floor may be slippery if you do not rinse properly.
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