How to Install a Half Bath

This article aims to explain how to install a half bath, which consists of a sink and a toilet but no shower.

This article aims to explain how to install a half bath, which consists of a sink and a toilet but no shower.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install a Half Bath

Step 1: Location 
The first basic step is to locate the bathroom to the home’s main waste line, as you will be able to encounter lesser problems. The waste line is usually in a 3- or 4 in pipe which is called a soil stack. Thus, you would have to attach at a minimum 3-in waste line from the new toilet to the main waste line. Sometimes you might also have to box in a portion of a ceiling for the drainpipe. As the main drain lines can be a bit difficult to be found in a house as they run under the concrete.

Step 2: Carving up and Building a Door

The next step would be to start cutting away the carpet or any other flooring from the half bath area. You need to keep the flooring empty and frame the new bath walls with 2*4s. Then the open space in the half bath might be very small for an in-swinging door. Thus, you can consider a pocket door which slides back into the wall.

Step 3: Installing the Drainage System
This is an important step as you need to make sure to install the drains from the most far off point and always work towards the existing drain system. 

Step 4:  Running of Vents
You then need to run the vents from the drains right to the roof and supply the supply lines, which can be worked with from any place.

Step 5: Testing
Lastly, do not forget to test the vent and the drain system, in order to check if it s leak proof. Also, crack into the soil stack mentioned above so that the final drain connection is made.

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