How to Get Rid of Moles or Gophers Naturally

Those unsightly holes all over your yard, eaten up vegetables, killing your plants, those are a few reasons these rodents can be incredibly annoying. Are you looking for a way to keep gophers, moles or other burrowing rodents out of your garden or lawn? Try one of these tricks to get them out of your yard naturally.

Used Cat Litter – First of all you need to identify the location of the holes in your yard. Then pour some used cat  liter into the holes. The ammonia in the used cat litter will repel gophers and moles so they will move on from those areas. Continue doing this until they are gone for good.

Flooding – Identify the holes and and dig a hole deep enough to expose their main runway. Now insert a hose into the hole and turn the water on. Allow the water to run for a minimum of 15 minutes. If you see the gopher or mole trying to escape from another hole try to hit it with a shovel or flood that entrance next.

Used coffee grounds – Used coffee grounds work great as a natural repellent. Place them in the holes these monsters have placed around your yard. Also use them in your garden and plants as they are actually good for them as a fertilizer.

Plant marigolds or daffodils – Planting marigolds or daffodils around the perimeter of your yard will help to repel these rodents as they hate the smell of them.

Castor oil granules- Sprinkle Castor oil granules around any detected holes, then go on to place them around the perimeter of your lawn or garden to repel these pesky rodents. You can spread these by hand or a spreader, then wet them if desired, but it is not required. Rest assured these granules will not damage your yard at all. The rodents just hate the smell and will move on.

Each of these work well at repelling the rodents, but you will have to repeat the procedure every 1-3 months.

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