How to Get Rid of House Flies

House flies can be annoying. Don’t we all want to just get rid of them? Read this article to know some tips! Enjoy!

As we read through the previous article, ‘Why House Flies Can be Dangerous to Your Health ‘ we read about the problems house flies can cause to our health! Here are some useful tips you can use to remove the house flies. Please enjoy and leave a comment if you wish!

 Flies eat poo and rubbish!

Yes it is disgusting to think that they eat like this but I am afraid this is the truth! Flies tend to lay their eggs in rotten places. So whenever you pack garbage in dust bins bags, make sure you don’t keep them anywhere close to your home. Please throw away any rotten or expired food immediately. You do realize that bad food releases sick smelling odours which will also attract more flies.

Most of you may also have a number of pets living with you. Do not allow your yard to become a dump poo place for your pets as well as other animals. This will attract more flies and will make your garden into a fly home.

Another suggestion would be is to keep your dust bins outside and in your home as clean as possible. Flies love the environment of the dust bins and they get inside. Once inside, there’s a lot of rubbish they can play with. However, as soon as you open the dustbin lid, out comes tens of flies that can then lie on food.

Keep your kitchen doors and windows closed at night while you cook!

Are you one of those people who keep the kitchen doors open while you cook your supper? Keeping your door closed will make you feel sweaty and hot because of the steam released from your pans and cookers. Adding to this, your temperature can rise further if your country is experiencing a scorching heat wave! If you prefer leaving your door open, make sure there’s enough space for air to pass through but never open it too wide! Flies are attracted to light and you will quickly get tens of them into your home.

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