How to Fix a Broken Wireless Antenna Cable

This is a guide on how to fix your broken wireless cable.

Anything broken is a pain. Anything broken with your computer is even worse because some of the things are very expensive to replace. So why throw away and buy a new wireless internet adapter just because your cable broke? Now you don’t have to! I will show you how to make your own antenna for your computer’s internet.

Materials Needed 

1. Copper wire 

2 Wire cutters

3 Push pin

Step one:

Once when you get the appropriate materials you can start. Get about a foot of about .5-.75mm thick of copper wire. Wrap the wire around the thumb tack 2-4 times. 

Step two:

Now pull the wire off and place it on the pin in the middle of where the antenna screwed in before. you may have to push two sides of the coiled wire together just a pinch to get it to stay. 

Step three:

Now if you have the original connector for the wireless adapter cut off the wire off of it and push through the new wire you just made. (push it through the other end without the coil) now all you have to do is connect the col wire onto the needle of the wireless adapter, then screw in the original connector. You may have to adjust your wire to get a stronger signal!

if you don’t have the original cable connector you can use the same wire that you made the coil with to wrap around the threads of the wireless adapter. (where you would normally screw in that metal piece)

This works for me and it should work for you.

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