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Free service, when someone calls, he or she will be able to evaluate a variety of business according to whom they are looking. You will be able to get evaluations; prices; appointments, work history etc. Service magic will tell you the names and owners of business either through cell phone or text message. All information on the business will be email directly to your home.
This is how you find the four top contractors in your area. Find contractors or businesses directly in your area. Toll Free 1-877-677-5321.

Find contractors or businesses directly in your area toll free at 1-877-677-5321

When a family makes the decision to renovate or add to their home they are taking on quite a lot. The end result will hopefully be worth all that you will go through but the fact is renovations and additions are very big investments not only as far as your finances are concerned but also in what your family will have to deal with during the weeks or even months it will take for the project to be completed. We did a lot of renovations one year and we actually had to camp out in back yard for three nights because it was not safe to be in the house.


Making sure you hire the right contractor is very important. You need to work with someone who you can depend on to do things right and who is going to make the stress on your family as low as possible during the renovations. Finding a good quailified contracter Is very important but you also do not want to pay more than you should for their services.


First of all when interviewing potential contractors make sure they are licensed, all of their employees are bonded, and that they carry insurance in case one of their employees is injured while working on your home. If you do not get a contractor who takes responsibility for theirs or their employees injuries you could end up being responsible and you don’t want that. They should also have liability insurance in case something happens to your home while they are working on it.

Get three different quotes interview at least 3 different contractors. You can then use the lowest quote to negotiate chances are a contractor will lower their rates to be competitive with other contractors trying for the job.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the contractor. This is especially important for the lady in the house. This person is going to working on your house, possibly working inside of your home and seeing them on a daily basis is going to be unavoidable. If a contracter or his employees creep you out and make you feel uncomfortable it is going to be a bad experience for you. So be sure to go with someone who does not make your feel uncomfortable. Avoid a contractor who does not act professionally in your company, if he stares at you during interviews or flirts with you in a way that makes uncomfortable you may want to pass on that contractor.

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