How to Fight Mold

Tips on how to fight mold in your house.

The problem of mold is widespread in houses. Mold is actually a set of common plant microorganisms. The spores of mold travel through the air and stick in wet internal surfaces. After that they develop colonies that feed on organic matter posting of colors, wood, carpets, upholstery and walls. You can spot the mold from the  green or black colour on the walls. In order to avoid mold, limit the humidity in your home and you problem will be solved. If you don’t know how to fight humidity, check this article: How to Fight Moisture

It is harmful for humans? 

Humans can not tolerate certain concentrations of mold. When they exceed a certain threshold, people usually have health problems like allergies or asthma. 

Direct Addressing 

If you see mold on a surface, you should first clean away the loose material and dust, leaving it dry and smooth. Before doing anything else, when you find mold, it is appropriate to take a sponge with bleach (from the one used at home) and rub well the area where the problem is.

Location of mold 

1) In internal components, ie columns, beams and walls, not insulated. 

2) Behind the furniture we put in front of exterior walls. 

3) In the bathrooms, kitchens, basements and closets. Above in damp areas that are not ventilated.

How to fight mold

We try to limit, as we can, the production of humidity. In damp areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, it would be good to have a direct vent to the outside. For example, a half-open window is sufficient. Leaks from water pipes need to be repaired immediately or you will face the problem of mold soon. More tips about fighting humidity here: How to Fight Moisture

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  1. Mold can also seep into your carpets it good to deep clean you carpets. good article.

  2. Good information as mold can be so deadly.

  3. well done with graet tips

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