How to Decorate Your House with Beads

Beads can be a simple and inexpensive way to add an artsy look to your home Here are some ideas for decorating with beads.

Could your home use a little inspiration? Why not give it a more artsy and contemporary look by adding some décor made out of beads? You can quickly make your own beaded décor or simply decorate items you already own with beads. Once you discover the incredible array of options available to you, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.

Before decorating your home with beads, pay a visit to your local bead store and discover the many types of beads are available to you. You’ll find beads in materials ranging from inexpensive glass to higher end metals and gemstone beads. Each bead has its own unique story to tell. Spend some time handling and touching the beads and see which ones speak to you. Also keep in mind the color scheme of your home before making your first bead purchase. If you don’t have a bead store in your area, visit a local craft store. Be aware that the selection at a craft store will be much more limited and you probably won’t be able to touch the beads since they’re prepackaged.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home with beads:

Beaded wine glass charms

Beaded wine charms are metal rings decorated with beads that slip around the stem of a wine glass to add color and interest. They’re quick and easy to make and can add an artistic touch to a table for almost any occasion. You’ll need needle nose pliers and metal rings designed for making wine glass charms. These are available at most bead and craft stores. You can also use thin, hoop earring findings to make beaded wine glass charms. To make the charms, thread the beads onto the rings in the order you want. When you’re pleased with the arrangement, use needle nose pliers to turn up the end of the hoop to almost a ninety degree angle. Now simply slip the angled wire end into the small hole on the other end of the ring to close it off. You should be able to open and close the metal ring easily to attach the ring to your wine glass stem.

Beaded silverware

Beaded silverware is so fun and easy to make. You’ll need twenty-two gauge wire in the color of your choice and the beads of your choice. Make sure the beads will fit comfortably on your wire. Use needle nose pliers to make a wire swirl shape on the end to keep the beads from slipping off the wire. Then simply add beads in the order of your choice. Once the beads are added, create a swirl on the other end to close off the wire and hold the beads in place. Now wrap the wire holding the beads around the handle of your piece of silverware while holding one end firmly against the handle. Continue wrapping until you come to the end of the wire. Press both ends of the wire firmly into the handle to hold it in place. The spirals will add a decorative element at both ends.

Enhance a clear, glass vase

You can instantly transform any clear glass vase by filling it with colorful beads. You can then use the vase filled with beads to hold the stems of a bouquet or other stalks. Alter the look of the vase by simply changing the color beads you fill it with. This gives you a great deal of versatility. If you change the color scheme of your home, simply change the bead colors you place in the vase. Voila! Instant art for your home.

Once you discover the versatility and simplicity of decorating with beads you’ll find yourself making frequent trips to your local bead store to explore the wonderful world of beads.

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  1. i’d like to decorate a young girl’s room who loves to bead. I was thinking of making a beading workstation for her with organization drawers and a felt table top. But what i’d really like to do is make a border around the room (about waist high above the floor) that goes around the whole room that’s made of beads- large beads.

    any ideas how to do this?



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