How to Control House Flies?

House flies are a difficult pest to control. Even the most powerful man on Earth, the American president Obama had to resort to razor sharp reflexes to pulverize the fly with his lightening fast hands. We need not learn how to kill a fly with a chop stick as Daniel learned in the karate kid. Here by giving some basic but useful methods to control flies.

  Houseflies are the commonest and the most familiar of all ibsects which live close to man. The presence of houseflies is usually regarded as a sign of insanitation. They are potential vectors of many dseases, the most important among them being: typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, cholera, gastroenteritis, amoebiasis, conjunctivitis, trachoma, helminthic infections etc.

      Normally houseflies remain close to their breeding places, but they disperse frequently upto 4 miles and sometimes even more from their point of origin. The most important breeding places of flies in order of importance are:

  1. fresh horse  manure
  2. Human excreta
  3. manure of other animals
  4. garbage
  5. decaying fruits and vegetables
  6. Ground where liquid wastes are spilled


      They can be divided into:

  1. Environmental control
  2. Insecticidal control
  3. Fly papers
  4. Pest-O-Flash
  5. Protection against flies
  6. health Education

1. Environmental Control:

    Best way to control flies is to eliminate their breeding places and improving sanitation on a community wide basis. These can be put into effect in the following ways:

  • Storing garbage and wastes in bins with tight lids.
  • Efficent collection, removal and disposal of refuse.
  • Provision of sanitary latrines.
  • Stopping open air defecation

2.  Insecticidal control:

  • Residual Sprays: Malathion, Fenthion, Dimethoate, lindane etc can be used  to kill the flies by spraying these in the breeding places
  • Baits: Poisoned baits containing the insecticides can be used
  • Space sprays
  • Larvicides

3. Fly papers: sticky fly papers can be hung upon places where flies abound. Although a slight reduction of flies occurs, no lasting benefits occur.

4. Pest-O-Flash: It is a electric flying insect control system that attracts, kills and collects flying insects in a safe non toxic manner.

5. Protection against flies: Screening of houses, hospitals, food markets and restuarants and all other similar establishments will give considerable relief from houseflies.

6. Health Education: A “Fly-consciousness” should be created among the people through health education.

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