How to Clean Up Your Room

Step by step, day by day how to clean up and organize your room.

First off, make a huge list of everything you need to do for your room. Such as sort clean and dirty laundry, wash dirty laundry, put away clean cloths properly. But maybe for you, the break down should go something like this…

Day One
Take one drawer at a time, bring into a clean room, and sort out what you like/need and what you don’t wear anymore. You got two piles, congrats. Take the keep pile, fold it nicely, put in drawer, back into dresser. Take the latter pile, and sort into donate and throw out piles. Put the donate cloths in a trash bag and put to the side for donations, throw others into the bin. Do that until the dressers are organized. Now do the same to the closet/hanging cloths.

Day Two
There, you made some room. Now, pick up all the cloths off the floor and wash them all you dirty maggot, even if they’re clean. While they are in the wash, take a trash bag into your room and use it for trash. Papers, tissues, dirty disgusting food wrappers/containers. This is a good time to take out ALL food-related items, including trash and dishes. Put dishes in sink to wash later, throw out trash bag. Fold clean cloths.

Day Three
Put away clean cloths in appropriate spots. Look at your shelves, how are they organized? Take one shelf, and organize it. Put all books together. All anime figures together. All DVDS/movies together. Put items you’re not sure of displaying in boxes but keep them together. Okay, going solid OP, good job today.

Day Four
If you have closets, clean out one half. Take all cloths and put them somewhere clean/safe from floor. Then take all shit out from one side and decide to keep/donate/trash. Done? Put everything back

Day Five
Work on other side of the closet. Keep going, its going well

Day Six
Work on another shelf/another box of items. One baby step at a time

Day X
Once all shelfs are nice and tidy, look at the floor. Is there shit on it? Why? Take one group of items and organize it. Wait until the next day to do the next.

Day X-final
Vaccum/shampoo the carpets. Clean your bedding. Good job. All organized.

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