Herbal Concentrate Citronella to Repel Ants Lizards and Cockroaches

Green way by using herbal concentrate citronella to repel ants, lizards and cockroaches.

We have been using citronella herbal concentrates for a week and found its effective to repel ants, lizards and cockroaches. Product information on the bottle said it also can drive out or repel rats and termites. Currently we do not face that problems and could not comment on that issues.

To use this product, it has to be mixed with water in a spray container with the recommended measure. Its need to be sprayed at the place that become the focus of ants and cockroaches. For problem with ants, the ants ran away from their nest and ran into other place. Similarly with cockroaches, spraying concentrate citronella, that we had done in a trash container outside our home, cockroaches ran out from the trash bin. Indeed, it is effective to repel ants and cockroaches.

For lizards, we did spray at the corners of the ceiling and the expected path of the lizards. Lizard no longer exist in the ceiling that had been sprayed with citronella herbal concentrates.

The use of herbal citronella is effective for us, it may be effective to you.

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