Four Steps to Enjoying a Pest-free Summer Barbeque

The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah;

The ants go marching on your food, hurrah, hurrah;

The ants go marching through your home and eating all the crumbs and morsels you leave behind setting you up for an infestation the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

However, there are easy preventative things you can do to eliminate this possibility and enjoy a pest-free summer barbeque this year. Here are the 4 main steps you should take.

Keep a Lookout

In the days leading up to your BBQ, keep an eye out for caravans of ants making their way across your kitchen or patio. Be wary of fluttering wings in the eaves of your roof lest bats be taking up residence there. Take notice if masked thieves with raccoon hands are beating up your trashcans more often in the night.

These are all potential signs of pests that could ruin your day. If you’re unsure what insects or animals are creeping around your home, get help from local pest control experts soon.

Galvanize Your Defenses

Even if you haven’t seen any pests or seen any of their signs, it is still good practice to call up a mosquito, hornet, or ant control expert to check your property thoroughly. Especially if you have guests coming for your summer BBQ, you don’t want any dangerous confrontations with spiders or wasps that you didn’t notice beforehand.

Invite Your Guests

Once your pest terminator gives you the green light, you’ll be able to tell your guests with confidence that the bat removal went over without a hitch. Plus, since bats are protected in many areas, you don’t have to feel bad about what happened to them (they only get relocated, not terminated).



Don’t underestimate the danger that some pests bring to the party. Aggressive stingers like wasps and hornets can attack in numbers if their nests are disturbed by none-the-wiser humans, and since some people are allergic to these insects, they could experience much worse symptoms than a simple prick on the finger.

Take the way of precaution to ensure your friends and family are safe from any unwanted pests. And once that weight is off your mind, you can focus on picking out a hilarious apron to wear while you grill.

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