Five Reasons Why You Should Not Get Rid of Geckos in Your House

Don’t kill that gecko in your house, they are lifesavers.

Once, almost instinctively, whenever I see geckos in the house I get a long stick and harass it to escape to the nearest window. If not, then I would try to hit it out of the ceiling. Hah, a cruel treat to an ecologically-friendly reptile.

Do you know that geckos play a very important role in your house? Even if they do disturb you of their irritating call at times or hit you with their nutritious loads from the ceiling, don’t kill them. You will be better off not killing them. They just might save your life.

Why? The following reasons will change the way you treat geckos.

1. Geckos feed on centipedes. In our old house made of wood, I saw several times how geckos suddenly jerked their heads forward and munched on large centipedes that happened to pass by. Geckos are unforgiving to centipedes and appear to be immune to their sting.

2. Geckos control rat population. When I asked a Japanese friend why he was looking for geckos to bring to his house, I came to know that geckos prey on mice litter. That’s an eco-friendly way of getting rid of rats in lieu of poisonous rodenticides. We know that rats carry a lot of dreadful diseases like black plague or bubonic plague that can kill half of the infected people in a week. It killed millions of people during the middle ages.

3. Geckos remove pesky mosquitoes. Geckos and the smaller lizards at home keep the mosquitoes at bay. Since malaria is a common malady in our place, geckos and lizards can lessen the incidence with their feeding activities.

4. Geckos feed on cockroaches. Cockroaches live in cool, dark and damp places. Geckos live there too and make them unhappy because they are part of the geckos diet. No need for you to buy that expensive cockroach repeller that is ineffective anyway. Hedges wrote that about 50 disease-causing organisms have been isolated from cockroaches.

5. Geckos feast on flying, winged termites or swarmers. A couple (male and female) of winged  termites or swarmers can start a colony of termites. Geckos to the rescue! They feed on the winged termites and prevent them from starting up a colony. That relieves you of termite colonizing your house.

Well, they are quite territorial so they bite each other in the picture below. That’s positive because they cover large areas because of this behavior.

So, will you still harass or kill that gecko in your house? Think twice.

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  1. Nice info…………

  2. I am sorry I would not want this thing in my house, maybe outside in a cage, and then I really don’t know.

  3. I don’t harass geckos but i’m a bit afraid of it.

  4. In the UK they are not in the wild, so I was delighted to see them here in Cyprus. I leave them alone in my house as they do all the things you say. Interesting article.

  5. I’ve hardly ever seen them inside the house. At night in summer they can be seen walking along the outer walls. It’s said they bring good luck.

  6. This is good to know but do not know what one of these are but sound useful as long as not dangerous

  7. I’m sorry I would have to kill them.

  8. Well even though they serve alot of different functions in your home, If I saw a gecko it would be a dead sucker, i’m afraid of bugs and that’s larger, so me and my broom and a can of anything to spray will be chasing that buster with it’s finally destination the trash can. lol :)

  9. Interesting

  10. Loads of cool info. Nice. As for me. I like Geckos. If I had them in my house I would let them wonder around and even name them. They would be my little wild pets. It would be fun.

  11. And it’s cousin the “geico” can save you tons of $ on your ins – haha.



    -Liane Schmidt.

  12. Theres no denying that you are a Filipino…
    We have a number of geckos in our house. An interesting write for a subject that’s often taken forgranted…

  13. Thanks..I will keep in mind this information..

  14. Thanks Dear Friends for reading my article.

    I uploaded a video in YouTube showing that gecko biting its victim for 13:33 minutes! You may view the video at I wonder what happens if it bites a human. I don’t want to try though.

  15. We don’t have them wild in the US, but it would probably be good as a pet.

  16. Our backyard has many smaller skinks who are excellent at controlling garden pests. When the skink clocks off, the geckos take over. I love them because they eat cockroaches:) Enjoyed this!

  17. I don’t hate geckos but they just need to behave themselves. Maybe if they can learn to use the toilet, I will love them very much.

  18. Rose2798, we do have geckos here in the US I don’t know where you live but the little boogers are all over my back porch when I come home at night, because the light gets on which attracts the bugs and the geckos love the bugs, but I hate the geckos coming into my house, I don’t mind them so much outside but I have a toddler and if some reason one of their tails fall off in my house I’m sure he will find it and eat it.. and I just don’t know how sanitary it is to be eating gecko tails…

  19. Well, surely Teri, there need to be some kind of population management to be done in your house. Setting up screens in open places might help.

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