Feng Shui Tips to Prevent Bad Luck in The Coming of The Year of The Rabbit (2011): A Review

I have read about the articles of Chloe Margalaux. I am fascinated with her wisdom in terms of Feng Shui. Mine is different. I used to believe in superstition. So, I would welcome the New Year with the new atmosphere. I cleaned our bathroom and our Catholic altar. It is said that if you are cleaning the house before New Year, you are putting away the negative energy.

I maybe not a Feng Shui expert but a Feng Shui enthusiast. Most Filipinos and Chinese people in the Philippines believed in superstitions or Feng Shui. However, most Protestant Christians believe on their strong conviction of their faith and disregard the superstitions and Feng Shui. For them, all opportunities, whether good or bad, are either blessings or trials. On the other hand, I have different respond to that because I also believed in the Law of Attraction. When the attitude and respond are good, you will have good results. That is the real meaning of Law of Attraction for me. For the Protestant Christian, they do not believe in the Law of Attraction because it is a teaching of New Age Movement. For me, they just don’t fully understand what is the meaning of it. For me, the Law of Attraction is a way of life. It is all in the mind. 

As I remembered, I also have some good and bad experiences in 2010. For me, these are either blessings and trials too. However, I also believe what the Protestant believed that we do not create our own destiny because only God knows our best. Therefore, we should give God our best to the fullest. 

Most Filipino and Chinese in the Philippines are depending on the things that are not eternal especially those materials used in Feng Shui. However, I would depend on my faith in God because He is the source of all things even though I am a Feng Shui enthusiast. Therefore, we should have self-discipline to put away our bad habits as we welcome the Year of the Rabbit (2011) with a big bang!

For your knowledge or information, here are the common lists followed by the Feng Shui experts and enthusiasts. Always remember that we should have more faith in God because He is the source of all the blessings and opportunities we have:

  1. Red Ribbon: I am not referring to the Red Ribbon Bakeshop. I am referring to the ribbon with red color. It is said that the red ribbon has Yang energy, the element of fire, to strengthen the positive energy and influence. You can tie the red ribbon on the pipes so it could diminish the negative energy or influence. You can also tie it to the coins to attract wealth. The length of the red ribbon should be divisible with 9. You can also tie this to the two pairs of candles to attract mutual love.
  2. Wall Clock: It is said it has the element of wood. It preferred that wall clock should be color green and rectangular shape. It is said it should not face the main door or should not place on the top of the main door. This should be place at the kitchen or office but not inside the bedroom.
  3. Coin Purse: It is said that this symbolizes the attraction of the energy that helps you prosper. The positive coin purse should not be lacking or scarce of money. Inside the coin purse, there should be a three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon to strengthen the positive energy that attracts wealth.
  4. Wind Chimes: It is said it attracts positive energy and emphasizes the new possibilities or opportunities. It is used to prevent negative energy or element. If it has pleasant tune, it is believed to change or cure the affected area by the negative energy. The wind chime should be made from metal.
  5. Living cures: It is either plant, pet animals or flowers used in Feng Shui to add life and beauty to the affected area. Cactus or any plants that has sharp and pointed leaves cause disharmony or violence among the members of the household. Plants with rounded shape leaves are believed to be the effective use for Feng Shui. Jade plants or bamboo plants are known to attract positive energy. It is said that the plants should be put at the East section for the health improvement of the members of the household. 
  6. Feng Shui Fishes: These are said to attract good energy, prosperity, and abundance. Arrowana or Dragon Fish is said to be the most effective in Feng Shui. If we use gold fish, there should be 8 or 9 numbers in the aquarium and one of them should be color black. Dragon Carp is believed that symbolizes high hopes, ambition and success. Flower Horn symbolizes prosperity, mutual love, and happiness. 

I still believe in the power of prayers and daily Bible devotion. Bible devotion helps you to keep in shape emotionally and spiritually. When we have daily dose of fellowship with God, we found ourselves calm, focused, and able to make right decisions. In Revelation 21:4, it states, “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.  There shall be no more pain for the former things have passed away.”
Happy New Year to all! Let’s welcome the New Year 2011 with a loud bang!

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