Extraordinary Uses for Bread

You can make yourself a sandwich, or use bread to cope with some of those minor household disasters.

Bread is something most of us have in kitchen for making sandwiches, or mopping up soup but few people know that it does have other within the home.

Sometimes when you cook rice it is very easy to leave it just a little too long and allow it to burn on the bottom. This makes the whole lot taste burnt but there is a remedy here. Put a slice of bread on top of the rice and replace the lid. After a few minutes the burnt taste will be gone. Now you can serve up the rice. Be careful not to scrape up any bits that have stuck to the base of the pan.

Burnt rice stuck to a pan

When you are cooking cabbage, broccoli or cabbage it makes your kitchen smell. If you put a slice of bread on the top of the pan it will absorb much of the smell.

Boiled cabbage has a strong smell

If you are grilling (broiling) meat in the oven the is always the chance that the fat that comes from the meat with smoke, or even catch fire. If you place a couple of slices of bead in the grill pan they will absorb the grease and prevent this from happening.

Grease fires can be avoided

Bread can be used to clean small marks from non washable painted surface, wallpaper and even cleaning the surface of a painting. Simple take a piece of bread, remove the crust and rub gently. This is quite effective for removing little finger prints from wallpaper (especially on the staircase!) The surface of paintings needs to be dusted to protect the surface and a slice of bread will do this without causing any damage.

Painting s can be cleaned with bread

If you break something made of glass, tiny fragments and splinters go all over the place. No matter how well you sweep it up, there are always minute pieces left. Take a slice of bread and use it to pick up the small pieces that you might not even see. Just be careful not to press too hard on the bread and end up pressing glass slivers into you fingers.



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  1. Amazing. I never knew about bread’s absorptive qualities. Thanks for enlightening me.

  2. The one about putting bread into the bottom of a grill pan is a really good idea. I can’t say how many times I’ve had little flames spluttering up from the grill. I’ll try it next time.

  3. great! where do people come up with these things? someone reached for a paper towel and came up with a piece of bread instead to clean up broken glass???? I will surely keep these in mind! thanks!

  4. >>When you are cooking cabbage, broccoli or cabbage it makes your kitchen smell.

    Or cabbage.

  5. #4 Rich: ‘…or cabbage’ is obviously another kind of cabbage, or cauliflower even!

  6. Very interesting to know that bread has such uses.

  7. Handy tips!

  8. Great tips, Louie. Thanks.

  9. Not heard of the glass one – wish I’d known a couple of weeks back when a framed picture leapt off my wall…

  10. HI Louie,
    Thanks for these tips, useful :)

  11. I wouldn’t have thought that bread had so many uses. I’ll probably be needing to use the cabbage one.

  12. Very creative and usful tips.

  13. I’m never letting you near my kitchen.

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