Electronic Pest Control to Kill Roaches

Electronic pest control is a way for people to kill roaches and other bugs in their homes without having to use poisons that can have an adverse effect on the health.

Electronic pest control is a way of using sound frequencies to drive away pests like roaches, spiders and beetles. These devices plug into the wall and are made to create a strong frequency that can’t be heard by humans but that will drive away the bugs in the designated area. 

Each type of electric pest control is made to work for a specific area. There are devices that are made for small rooms and ones that are made for large rooms or large open areas. Choosing the right electric pest control unit is important for getting rid of bugs in the entire area. Some homes may need several of these devices to keep the entire home free of bugs. 

The problem with some electronic pest control devices is that the may not work on the particular pests that the oner needs to get rid of. Those who are trying to get rid of roaches end up having mixed results. Some people report that they work well and some report that they are annoying and work poorly to get rid of roaches and other pests.

Another problem with electronic pest control is that they can annoy pets in the home. Dogs and rodents may find these pest control units irritating, and they can even cause behavioral problems in pets. If there are a lot of pets in the home, there are other pest control methods that will likely work better and fit into the household routine more easily. 

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  1. I use the Pest Offense electronic pest control and it has no negative effecs on my cats or my dog, plus it is safe around my children. I tried the Riddex product first, but it did not work too well. I then found out about the Pest offense from a neighbor and I have used the same unit for almost 2 years with fantastic results. I highly recommend this product.

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