Easy Ways to Decorate for Autumn

This article will give you some easy ideas to create a fall feeling in your home, bringing some of the outdoors in and adding other small touches.

As the weather begins to cool, the days begin to shorten, and the leaves begin to turn, you know that fall has arrived. Autumn is a truly beautiful season, with the whole world around you transforming into glorious reds, yellows, and oranges. You can also bring the spirit of fall inside your home, giving it a feeling of warmth and some of the nature of the autumn season. The following are some easy ways to bring the outdoor beauty of fall indoors, so that you can enjoy this season wherever you are.

Gourds are absolutely my favorite part of fall. They come in such an amazing variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Just looking through the bins of them and choosing the ones that you find the most interesting is fun in and of itself. Pick out as many as you want to use and take them home. Get a basket or an old tin bucket and fill it up with the gourds that you’ve chosen. You can also put them on shelves, mantles, countertops, windowsills, or anywhere else that you want them. Gourds are one of the greatest gifts of the autumn season.

Indian corn with its unique coloring is very inexpensive to purchase, but looks lovely in your home that you are decorating for fall. Gather them in groups of three or more and tie them together with raffia. These can be placed anywhere you like and will definitely add that fall spirit.

Most people have candles in their homes. Candle colors can be changed from the spring and summer colors to the fall colors of red, orange, yellow, and brown. You will also find that the autumn candles are scented so beautifully that you’ll wish you could use them year-round.

Blankets and afghans can be folded nicely and placed on bottom shelves of stands, over chairs, and at the end or on the top of sofas. If you have a quilt rack, now is the season to bring it out and fill it up. This not only looks more decorative for the season, but will give you and others in your home something to cover up with if a bit of a chill sets in.

Cornucopias are beautiful, old-fashioned ways to bring the fall spirit inside and remember the times past. These can be purchased in basket form at almost any big box type of store, or you can find them in many thrift stores for very good prices. Fill them with either gourds or fruits and vegetables that your family and guests are free to eat of. You can refill as necessary and it looks like you are ready for the next big holiday, Thanksgiving!

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