Easy Kitchen Improvements

Improve your home easy and cheap.

There are some easy kitchen improvements that can save you a lot of money and have the same big effect a big remodeling project can. Your kitchen can become more functional and better-looking thanks to some cheap DIY improvements.

Old Cabinets’ Improvement
Improving the kitchen cabinets can be done in several simple ways, according to how big you want the change to be.

Replacing the door knobs is the smallest of them and it will cost you not much than several pounds. It might not have big effect on the overall look of the kitchen but will certainly add to the functionality, if the proper knobs are chosen.

For a more drastic solution, changing the doors is what could be done. Taking the measurement of the doors and the distance between the hinges is what will help you choose the ones that will fit. Do not go for a colour that is much different – opt for something that is close to the frame of the piece.

A fresh coat of lacquer or paint is another way to improve your kitchen’s old cabinets. Make sure to smooth the surfaces before applying, and take the required safety cautions. Cover the surrounding areas to avoid the mess.

New Cabinets or Shelving
With some more money available, your kitchen’s functionality can really be improved. New cabinets or some additional shelving will bring more storage space and will make the place more functional. Buying such is not necessarily a huge expense and you can come up with your own unique ideas. Shelves can easily be fixed on the walls.

Deep Cleaning and Organization
A good deep clean-up can have an effect better than any improvement. Cooking appliances tend to become really dirty pretty fast, which is why regular maintenance is needed. Take your time and have each detail cleaned and properly stored. The need for hygiene in the kitchen is obvious, which is why cleaning only the visible places is not a solution – going in detail is important, cleaning under, behind, and inside the heavy, non-movable pieces is a must.

Organizing should be done according to the regularity of use and area of application. For example, the drawers near the cooking area’s countertop should contain items that have sensible application somewhere nearby – this means that having cups for water might not be the cleverest idea.

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  1. Good common sense on this post. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic tips for kitchen improvements.

  3. This DIY makes me feel that I could have achieved this myself if I’d tried. Your guidelines are great. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Love all the DIY tips!! Then you get it just the way you want it,

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  6. Daniel, the ideas are good and are actually really easy. I can see these ideas apply in my kitchen soon. In addition, when I was in London, the domestic cleaners from the image below did an amazing job in my rental. If I ever need home cleaning services again, I will certainly look for Housekeepers London – http://www.housekeeperslondon.co.uk/domestic-cleaning/

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