Easy and Cute Toy Softies You Can Make

Softies are cool gifts for kids and there are a lot of them that are really easy to make even by beginners.

Softies are cool gifts for kids and there are a lot of them that are really easy to make even by beginners. You don’t have to be a skilled sewer to follow these step-by-step instructions and make some cute toys to offer, out of scraps of fabric that you may have at home.
Kids and adults will love them and you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money making them.

At q.D.paToOtieS, Lisa Bunting Thoms offers free patterns for quirky softies like the four ones here bellow

Suey, the Super Sock Pig Pattern and Tutorial

Duke Kingsley, Mutant Alley Cat

Hot Diggity Dog – A New Free Pattern!

FREE Pattern for Monkenottukhamun

Plush tutorials
take a look to the other Nitanita deviantart galleries where you find more cool plushes to inspire you

Robbit Plushies!
add a little techie love to a traditional bunny to make the kids a Robbit plushie

Rainbow Sunshine Plushie (with lots of Ribbons) by Beeper Bebe
This is such a great plushie for babies

One Hour Softie by Ric Rac
a really easy and fun project

Snoogem by Yoonie
This softie is another great project for beginners and is quick to sew up.

“we were promised robots” + free pattern

Baby in a Pouch by Coloured Buttons
you could make a whole bunch of these with different fabrics

Animal Friend Tutorial by Quilttaffy
a quick and easy, cute elephant softie

Let’s sew . . . RevoluzZzionary Easter Bunnies by RevoluzZza
you will find clear step-by-step instructions, downloadable template and helpful accompanying photos.

How to make a softie bunny from recyled sweaters by Kayte Terry

Tag Monster Pattern
free PDF pattern for the Tag Monster complete with instructions

Silly Girl Softie by Crafty Carnival
Another great Beginner’s project

Stickers, Softies, Stitching patterns, and Coloring Pages
This set contains free embroidery transfers, free stickers to print, some coloring pages and some embroidering and softies.

Make Your Own Sympathy Doll

Great video by artist Sue Havens on how to make a simple, patchwork bear

Create – Publish – Earn

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  3. I love these. I will have my mom make these as she used to be big in crafts. But these days you can go to the dollar store and get what it would cost 10-15 dollars to make, for a dollar or two. But I’ll insist she make these.

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