Does Life Suck or What?

Perambulating on how life has gone,and will go no matter what you do.From worms eating up the Oilpatch to whatever else crosses my mind.Western-Oklahoma,Drilling-Rigs,and the like.Don’t you guys have an Oklahoma State Flag?Or a Rebel one for that matter?

Last night as I struggled to go to sleep fightingfamily the wire from the seven or eight Mountain-dews I drank yesterday.It all seemed so simple thinking what I was going to write today.Now that I set in front of this infernal machine it doesn’t.I guess I should have gotten up and put pen to paper,though that would have negated the sleep thing.I mean,then I would have popped the top on another Dew and started the getting wired process all over again.

That is the nice thing about Mountain-Dew,for an old speed-freak like myself,it’s the next best thing to amphetamine there is.And it’s legal too boot.I can see why all those Snowboarders and Extreme-Athletes drink the stuff(At least they get payed big money to say they do.).Of course they also slide,board,jump off the sides of mountains in freezing weather,and several feet of snow just for the rush.Of course there is that nice fat pay-check.I have gotten nice fat paychecks before for doing things that some people think are crazy.Like tripping pipe in thirty-degree below weather in the middle of a blizzard in Western Oklahoma.On a live gas-well,where some people thought we were either crazy or stupid because we smoked on the floor.

Of course we had an open flame(To melt the ice-plugs from the pipe)and any time you have an open flame you might as well have an cigarette.Since that cigarette will only light the gas if it’s saturated and the open flame will light it every time.So it’s pretty much up to you,if you smoke,do you want to die in the middle of a nicotine-fit?Or would you rather watch the pretty lights as the gas sparks from the open flame coming from the torch,and to a lesser extent your cigarette.Or would you rather watch helplessly as the pretty lights get closer,and closer together until with a whoo-mph the whole shooting match gos up?And someone gets some really nifty Red Adair Rig-Stickers,or possibly Boots&Coots.Although now it’s CUDD that does that sort of thing.

Of course if your mud is right and every thing else is too,until you take the Rotating-Head off the gas should pretty much stay down there and every one gets to go home.And not be consigned to a horrible death and,maybe,a few words said over a pile of twisted metal that once was a precision instrument,capable of punching a hole into the depths of the earth.And now after a couple of minutes has been consigned to the scrapyard.Of course the alternative was to watch warily as the air-pressure builds up and the warming of the mud in the hole melted the ice in the pipe until it’s blown out like it’s been shot out of a gun(Sounds like a cannon)hopefully not taking someones head with it.Showering everyone on the floor with ice-pellets,which beats bits of bone,blood,and flesh.

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  1. I truly enjoy your style.

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