Coca Cola – Things Get Greener with Coke – a Great Silver Candle Stick Cleaner!

One of Coca Cola’s unusual uses is as a silver candle stick cleaner, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Coca Cola is a green household cleaning product. Things get cleaner with Coke!

I have always been one to look skeptically on carbonated soft drinks, if fact until their teens my kids were not allowed to drink it, but I recently took a tour of a Coca Cola factory and although it didn’t convince me that Coca Cola is the answer to a better lifestyle it did get me thinking. So after googling and Binging Coca Cola a few times I came up with a use for Coca Cola that makes me really appreciate it’s value in our society – Coca Cola is a great cleaning material.


You will find endless articles about the multi-talented fizzy drink and it’s powers. Coca Cola can:

Get rid of rust

Clean your jewelry

Clean your toilet

Condition your hair

Get rid of slugs in the garden.

Here is a great article about the uses of Coca Cola by one of my fellow writers.

I have already switched from using Ammonia based cleaning products to vinegar so I decided to add one more green addition to my cleaning routing – shining the silver with Coca Cola, and indeed things went better with Coke.

I simply wet a rag with some Cola and gave my silver plated candle sticks a good rub. Then to make sure the Cola didn’t make the candle sticks sticky or attract ants I wiped them down with water and then dried them.

The above photo is not the best but you can see the difference between the candle stick on your left which was cleaned in Coca Cola and the one on the right.

Add this green cleaner to your house cleaning routing; it is definitely easier, greener and cheaper than the regular silver polish.

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  1. Interesting share, friend. I’ll check coke this time. :)

  2. I wonder if coke really is a “green” option.. isnt it loaded with chemicals? heck I dont drink it, but its probably better to clean with than some of the other chemicals…

  3. Good poiint Nelson! It’s just slightly greener than the standard silver cleaners.

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