Cloves are Natural Moth Repellant

Whole cloves repel moths naturally and leave behind a pleasing fragrance on sweaters or other garment they are used on.

Almost time to pack up winter sweaters and store them away for several months until winter rolls around again. Moths love to nibble on those stored sweaters, so add a few moth balls to act as a moth repellant. But wait, can something else work as a moth repellent besides stinky moth balls? Sure, a natural product which may be in your kitchen right now. Whole cloves.

Whole cloves are a natural moth repellant that works just as good as moth balls, but smell much better. After the winter sweaters have been cleaned, folded and stored, sprinkle whole cloves over the top of the sweater stack (tuck a few whole clovers in-between sweaters if stack is large) to repel moths. Next winter when it’s time to unpack the winter sweaters, the whole cloves will roll right off the sweaters and the sweaters will be ready to wear with a sweet smelling fragrance.

Whole cloves will act as a natural moth repellant on any fabric items that need to be stored for a prolonged time. A jar of whole cloves can be found in the spice section at any grocery store.

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