Cleaning Supplies and Materials – Purpose and Proper Usage

Here’s a list of cleaning equipments; their proper usage and purpose.


Scouring Pads

  • For scrubbing purposes only


  • For cleaning painted surfaces, glass mirrors, marble and porcelain

Proper Usage

  • (Green) Should not be used for painted surfaces, mirrors and glass panels. Neither should it be used with scouring powder.
  • (White) Always make sure the pads are wet before using them.
  • (White) Wash and rinse after each use. Also rinse at the end of each day to ensure that there is no soap left on the pads.

Dusting Cloths

  • For using wooden and painted parts

Proper Usage

  • Make sure that clothes are clean otherwise the dusty cloth will merely rub the dust unto the surface being dusted.

Cleaning Towel

  • Used for drying bathroom walls and floor tiles after they are cleaned.

Proper Usage

  • Make sure the clothes are dry.

Polishing Cloths

  • For polishing metal surfaces like bathroom fixtures

Proper Usage

  • Use cloths that are made of fiber to be able to absorb the water left behind during the cleaning process.

Hand Brushes

  • For brushing away dust from rough surfaces, such as rattan, wickerwork, etc.
  • Also used for cleaning tiles

Proper Usage

  • Always make sure that the brush is not left immersed on the cleaning water for too long.

Toilet Bowl Brush

  • For cleaning toilet bowls

Proper Usage

  • Toilet brush should be kept after use in the storeroom either in a holder or in a plastic bag hanging on one end of the trolley. Never leave the brush with other cleaning equipment as this may contain a lot of dirt and bacteria.

Mop with Mop Handle

  • For manual floor mopping

Proper Usage

  • Clean water must be retained in one bucket while water has to be squeezed into another bucket.

Floor and Window Squeegees

  • Used to remove excessive water from the surface and corners; it also speeds up the drying process.

Proper Usage

  • Make sure that the rubber strips are supple. Have it replace the moment it turns hard and brittle.

Ceiling Brooms

  • For removing cobwebs in the ceiling

Proper Usage

  • Clean the brittles of the brooms after use and at the end of each shift.


  • Used in hinges of doors to prevent squeaking noises

Proper Usage

  • Use sparingly. Once there is no more squeaky sound, wipe excessive soil away as it can break on floor or carpet.
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