Change The Color of Your Kitchen to Decrease Your Appetite

The color of your kitchen could play a role in how much food you eat. Find out why – and the best kitchen color to keep you from overeating.

A variety of subtle factors you may not even think about can affect your appetite – and cause you to overeat. Restaurants know this, which is why they arrange food in an appetizing way on the plate and play soft music in the background to create an appealing atmosphere – in hopes that you’ll stick around and eat more food.

Surprisingly, even the color of your kitchen can increase your appetite and influence how much food you eat. Have you ever noticed how so many restaurants and fast food places use warm colors like red and yellow on their signs and advertising? Not only are these colors attention grabbers, they also increase appetite and the urge to eat.

Painting a kitchen in warm colors – particularly yellow, orange, and red – may cause you to eat too much food – without any awareness on your part. People who eat in warm, bright kitchens are more likely to indulge in higher calorie foods that are rich in sugar and fat – especially if they’re served on red or yellow plates.

What if you’re trying to lose a few pounds? To decrease appetite, cool, subdued colors – particularly blues and greens – are the most effective. In contrast to the digestive stimulating effects of red and yellow, blues and greens decrease appetite and reduce the urge to overeat. Blue is a particularly potent appetite suppressor. There are almost no blue foods found in nature and food manufacturers rarely use this color on their packaging. Restaurants avoid it too – all for good reason.

If you want to decrease your appetite, the ideal kitchen color is blue. If you’re not inclined to completely re-do your kitchen to avoid overeating serve your meals on blue plates instead – or use a blue tablecloth and blue napkins.

Another way to avoid eating too much food is to open up the windows and let some natural light in. Eating a meal in a dark room encourages you to eat more. Restaurants take advantage of this all the time by lowering the lights to create an atmosphere that encourages overeating – and overspending. Make sure you can clearly see what’s on your plate – and use a small plate. Studies show that people eat less when it’s served on a plate that’s smaller in size.

The bottom line? You can use the power of color in subtle ways to help decrease your appetite and reduce the risk of overeating. If you have a choice between blue and red plates – choose the blue ones and make sure they’re small.

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  1. Yikes! My kitchen is yellow, but I rent, so I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

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