Beautiful Fruit Paintings for Kitchen and Dining Room Decoration

Kitchen decoration and dining room decoration are very important aspects while decorating your dream home. Every one has his or her individual choice. This is an attempt to bring to you a selection of beautiful paintings of fruits which you can use to decorate your kitchen or dining room.

We all love fruits. They are tasty, fresh and above everything else. very very healthy. Doctors and dietitians recommend that a healthy portion of our daily diet should contain fruits. Hence fruit posters and paintings could be ideal for your kitchen and dining room walls. These paintings will make your walls look beautiful and at the same time encourage your kids to eat more fruits.

Fruit Of Her Hands – Get at

The first painting is a favorite of mine. The lady who is about to serve a fruit to someone looks so beautiful and poised. This is such a colorful depiction of love and care that it is ideal for a dining room wall.

Sweet Tea – Get at

The next painting shows red, vibrant and beautiful cherries in a even more beautiful glass! I like cherries so much and I believe most of us like them equally if not more!

Glass Full of Cherries – Get at

Apples are healthy, tasty and is perhaps the fruit which has had the most occurrences in literature and popular culture. Everyone knows that “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!” 

Apples – Get at

Green Oranges – Get at

Look how beautiful the above painting of green oranges is and how inviting the ripe orange in the below picture is looking.

Orange fruit – Get at

Four Lemons – Get at

The next few paintings are of beautiful fruit bowls containg fresh fruits ready to be served. These have been beautifully painted and the artists have used vibrant colors which shall suite your kitchen or dining room walls just right.

Fruit Bowl – Get at

The below painting is so colorful that it caught my eye. Have a look, this might interest you.

Bowl of Fruit – Get at

Bowl of Fruits – Get at

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