Bad Ass Bbq Grills

An eye pleasing photo journey of some custom BBQ grills.

How do you know if someone can really cook BBQ? Check out there grill.

These grills have been taken to new heights. The artistic value imposed upon these masterpieces makes it difficult to believe that they are actually used to make BBQ.


grill-  cook food over heat: to cook food over direct heat without fat or oil, especially outside on a barbecue, or be cooked in this way. It’s simply the best way to cook food. Barbacoa The word translates as “sacred fire pit.


The Tractor grill. It makes you want to plow through whatever is cooked.

The Pig grill. Gives new meaning to piggin out.

Both the tractor grill and the pig grill can be purchased at

You got to have a giant dog for the giant grill.Photo via flickr

The old west BBQ grill. Saddle up and ride it for some good old BBQ.

Big Motor for big grillin. Put the pedal to the metal on BBQ.

Crusin for some eats.

The Ironhorse Grill. Choo choo BBQ.

Fish and grill or grill and fish.

Chevy Grill. Hope the meat is not chevy tough.

Moto Grill. Hells Angeles BBQ.

The Orginal Grill

 The end results

Image by Marshall Astor – Food Pornographer via Flickr


Image via Wikipedia


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  1. if only the rain would play…. then it might be worth getting one. cheers a cold damp Scotland brrr. cheers

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