Are Ants or Roaches Bugging You?

If ants or roaches are bugging you try these tips!

Try CINNAMON to keep ants out of your home. Just sprinkle a light dusting of the spice whereever you see ants.

SALT will send ants back outside where they belong. Just dump a small mound of salt in front of ants and watch them retreat.

VINEGAR will stop ants. They don’t like the sour smell. Wash areas where you have seen ants coming into your home and allow to air dry. As long as the odor is present they’ll stay out, so be prepared to repeat this procedure.

Bugs don’t like MINT flavored CHEWING GUM. Try leaving sticks of the stuff whereever you’ve had a problem with ants or roaches.

Ants don’t like BABY OIL because they can’t walk through it.

Try LEMONS AND LEMON JUICE for getting rid of roaches and/or ants. Wash areas where you’ve seen the pests with lemon juice and mop your floors with a mixture of lemon juice and water. You can also leave lemon wedges around the house to drive out the intruders.

Try planting plants around your home that deter ants such as: MINT, ONION, SPEARMINT, SOUTHERNWOOD AND TANSY.

Pour AMMONIA down the hole of an anthill on your lawn.

Do you suffer with fire ants? Try this assault- feed them dry INSTANT GRITS. The grits expand inside them and when they drink water it kills them.

Sprinkle GROUND RED PEPPER OR CURRY POWDER in your home where ants enter.

PEPPERMINT IN ANY FORM will drive out ants. Peppermint tea, peppermint patties, peppermint discs or peppermint flavoring will do the trick.

BAY LEAVES – ants will avoid them at all costs so use them around your kitchen and in canisters of dried foods to keep ants out.

CLOVES – Will keep ants away for an entire year.

BABY POWDER – Pour a small amount out where you see ants entering your home. They don’t like it and will do an about face.

Finally – Try a barrier made of FLOUR, BONE MEAL, Red chili pepper, paprika, powdered charcoal or cream of tartar to stop ants.

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  1. That’s what I can do with that bottle of ammonia I had no use for! Those big black ants ruin my yard and even pesticides werent working. I’ll give this a try! thanks

  2. Hurray for Peppermint, that is good for just about everything.

  3. Thank you ladies. I forgot to mention COFFEE GROUNDS in this article. We have two huge ant hills in our front yard and Jan tried dumping wet coffee grounds on them…it worked! They’ve packed up and left our yard!

  4. thanks for the infor i have ants on my porch i will give these try

  5. Nick, I had to put a line of salt along the edge of my kitchen counter. I couldn’t see where the ants were coming in but the salt stopped them. I haven’t seen any more.

  6. I thought these were great tips too Johnnie and Ruby. Also try WET COFFEE GROUNDS for ants, dump it right over their community if you have problems with them in your yard. It works great!

  7. Have never heard of the others, especially cloves (I will try those), but I’ve sucessfully used salt in the past.

  8. I have never heard of some to these. I will have to give it a try. Thanks, Nick.

  9. Good to know thanks for the info.

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