A Few Quick Realistic Money Saving Tips

Realistic money saving tips from a frugal mom on a tight budget.

  Just over a year ago I quit my job to homeschool my son, needless to say our household budget needed to tighten up a bit.  Even with a tight budget we still like to do things for fun as a family.  We still go out to movies occasionally and are able to go on family vacations, all low budget of course.   Here are some of the things I have done to stretch the budget. 

Coupons:  I know the first thing you think is “no kidding” but its surprising how many people don’t use them.  The trick to coupons is using them on what you were going to buy anyway.  You shouldn’t go out of your way to buy something just because you have a coupon.  Using coupons I haven’t paid a penny for toothpaste, deodorant, or razors in over year!  I like to look at the store ad before I even start making a list, then I match up the coupons for what I am going to buy from that store.  I love seeing the savings at the bottom of my store receipt, the best one I’ve had was when I saved $168.46 and spent $43.29.  That means I got $211.75 in groceries for less than $50.  Not every week is that great but I cut my grocery bill by 75% on average this year, just by taking a few hours a week to clip coupons and match them to what I am buying.

Dish soap:  I don’t have a dishwasher, okay I am the dishwasher.  I hate buying dish soap it always feels overpriced to me, even when using coupons.  The thing with dish soap is people tend to use too much.  A simple solution in to put it in a dispenser.  I went to my local dollar store and bought a hand soap dispenser and put the dish soap in it.  One squirt in the sink is all you need.  As a small bonus the dispenser matches the decor in the kitchen.

Paper Towels:  Paper towels are expensive, but to me, they are essential.  My little trick for paper towels is to always buy the select-a-size or choose-a-size.  It makes my paper towels last twice as long because everyone just takes the smallest size for whatever they need the paper towel for, unless its a big job then larger size is allowed.

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